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    Santa Fe Days Was a blast, We had a great time and O` The sweet wonderful venders that brought there very best. Not to mention the dancers that represented our people and our culture. I was so proud to have been apart of this event. Thay had a large turnout and lot`s of fry bread sold. If you have not seen the aztec people dance (you got to see them) It was worth the drive. I must give credit to the YELLOW FISH tribe and Tom Gray Elk for pulling this off, what a great time we had! The MC was the top`s so pro and can dance his butt off, He and his clan are worth the drive anywhere! I will be posting pic`s of the great native american people that pulled this off. Thanks for the great time! Fallen Timbers of the Miami people. Autumn Fall Fox
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    Yellowfish tribe??? Ummm....okaaaay.
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      Santa Fe Days was entertaining

      Santa Fe Days on the Square had some tough competition with the big Texas/OU football game, an air show, the State Fair and quite a few other events going on, not to mention the high price of gas.

      Still, the weather was awesome, the dancers were great, both the various dancers from the U.S. tribes and the Aztec Dancers. The food was great and I believe most of the non-Natives that attended got a better understanding of Native traditions and an educational look at the culture. Hopefully they learned that Natives exist in the modern world and aren't an uneducated group of drunken, gambling pagans like the news tends to portray.

      While videotaping interviews and the event for use in next year's PSA, I met many interesting people with some wonderful stories of their craft and how they grew up learning the dances, jewlery making, etc.

      I can't wait for next year's event.


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