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Scarry, weird powwow tales...

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  • Scarry, weird powwow tales...

    I did this one time a few years ago and since it is that time of the year for scary stories, I just wanted to know if anybody has any to share?
    I'll start....
    I was coming back from Kinder powwow and decided to take this one road north of Ft. Smith Arkansas since it goes along the state line then u can head on into Tahlequah... anyway.. I was by myself just cruising along and I hear feet shuffling in the back of my car.... I dont want to look to see who, or what is there so I turn the mirror up and turn my music up as well... but then the sound gets louder!!! What I figure is I picked up a "visitor".... later on I was telling a friend about this and she tells me that she was told not to take that particular road at night cuz strange stuff happens on it!!!!
    share if u dare!!!!!

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    When you pick up "visitors" you can pull over, open the door, and ask them to get out. If they are friendly, you can thank them for their company, but if you feel threatened, tell them that it is your car and not theirs. Then tell them to get out of the car. Works every time!
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      Deer Woman Seen at Ponca Powwow

      My grandpa told me this one: When he was a young man, early 1950's, he went to Ponca Powwow with his brother. They started dancing during an intertribal and as he looked around he noticed a woman dancing in front of them with long black hair and hooves instead of moccasins! He showed his brother and they got freaked out right away and left the arena. When he looked for her later she had disappeared...
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        Well um ah this one time....

        at band camp.....
        "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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          I have an ex who is Ponca and he told me about a close encounter with Deer Woman as well. He and several family members swore up and down to me that when they were out one night, she approached them and tried to jump into the pickup bed as they drove away. She was described as long hair, all black clothing and hooves, so if you see a little lady matching that description maybe you shouldn't stop and say hello.


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            The MovieWavs Page - American_Pie: amerpie06.wav
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              I went to a halloween powwow one time and....

              every one was wearing .... "COSTUMES"
              Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                Originally posted by Coyot_In_The_House View Post
                at band camp.....
                Dude, that one made me laugh; I haven't heard this from you in a long time. Good one!!!!


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                  well onion lake pow wow 2008 ... women's fancy shawl ... um i think you just had to be there ... definitely ... weird LOL
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                    One time I heard Ivan Lonechild SNAGGED!!!!
                    ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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                      Ivan "The Prince Of Darkness" Lonechild......

                      Originally posted by T. Jude Fox View Post
                      One time I heard Ivan Lonechild SNAGGED!!!!
                      Snagged his fringe on the door?
                      "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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