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Clearwater River Casino Powwow & Stickgame Results/Winners 2008

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  • Clearwater River Casino Powwow & Stickgame Results/Winners 2008

    Here it is and we would like to thank everyone for attending this first annual as it was a great success and we hope you all felt the hospitality of the NiiMiiPuu people here on the Nez Perce Reservation. We hope to see you all again next year which will be bigger and better, thank you all and have safe travels and many blessinga to you all, Aho!

    Jr. Girls Fancy:
    1st Ione Chimburas
    2nd Mariah Leavitt
    3rd Heewekse Wisdom

    Jr. Girls Jingle
    1st Hokia McCloud
    2nd Destiny Buck
    3rd Marquel Shawl

    Jr. Girls Traditional
    1st Shoshana Kee
    2nd Janae Scabbyrobe
    3rd Marque Wilson

    Jr Boys Fancy
    1st Emmit White
    2nd Nathan Buck
    3rd Ila Pinkham

    Jr Boys Grass
    1st Therian Paskemin
    2nd Nico Higheagle
    3rd Merlin Kickingwoman

    Jr Boys Traditional
    1st Thomas Whiteplume
    2nd Jamon Paskemin
    3rd Demarcus Pacheco

    Teen Girls Fancy
    1st Regine Wilson
    2nd Symone Paskemin
    3rd Dominique Ali

    Teen Girls Jingle
    1st Cynthia Whiteplume
    2nd Maia Anthony
    3rd Morningstar Andrews

    Teen Girls Traditional
    1st Temi Meninick
    2nd Angelina Antone
    3rd Leah Brisbois

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st Davey Madera
    2nd Jonathan Nomee
    3rd Randin Robinson

    Teen Boys Grass
    1st Mario Hawley
    2nd Dakota Madera
    3rd Dakota Upshon

    Teen Boys Traditional
    1st Terry Heemsah Jr
    2nd Red Bear McCloud
    3rd Sparrowhawk Walsey

    Womens Fancy
    1st Carol Melting Tallow
    2nd Denelle Stanley
    3rd Gena Topsky

    Womens Jingle
    1st Grace Ushetongqua
    2nd Acosia Red Elk
    3rd Sophie White

    Womens Traditional
    1st Danita Goodwill
    2nd Dolly Heemsah
    3rd Cheyenne Fiddler

    Mens Fancy
    1st Spike Draper
    2nd Darrell Hill
    3rd Gary Olney

    Mens Grass
    1st Randy Paskemin
    2nd Bryson Lonechild
    3rd Quanah Larose

    Mens Traditional
    1st Adrian Klein
    2nd Colby White
    3rd Ev Moore

    Golden Age Women
    1st Angela Kidder
    2nd Lynne Pinkham
    3rd Velma Bahe

    Golden Age Men
    1st Jim Red Eagle
    2nd Peter Olney
    3rd Terry Fiddler

    War Bonnet
    1st Wes Honena Sr
    2nd Wilson Wewa
    3rd John Bevis

    Chicken Dance Special
    1st Rooster Topsky
    2nd Sonny Eaglespeaker
    3rd Alan Retasket Jr

    Thea McCloud's Special
    Champion - Grace Ushetongqua

    Russell McCloud's Special
    Champion - Richard Street

    Round Bustle Special
    Champion - Alex Meninick

    Drum Contest
    1st The Boyz
    2nd Wildrose
    3rd Young Greyhorse
    Cons. Indian Nation
    Cons. Horse Hill
    Dancing Eagle
    White hawk

    Stick Games
    1st Wanda North Peigan, Elmo Montana
    2nd Rosemary Kelly, Deming Washington
    3rd Nick Ronald, Spokane Washington
    4th Alex Henry, Wellpinit Washington
    5th Norma Peone, Plummer Idaho
    6th Randy Jackson, Lapwai Idaho


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