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Saskatoon Pow-wow winners???

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  • Saskatoon Pow-wow winners???

    Anyone got the winners from this years pw?

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    Winners in the Contemp Category for the drum contest:

    1. Wild Horse
    2. Bad Nation
    3. White Fish Jrs
    4. Mina Peyak
    5. The Boyz

    In the Originaly Category:

    1. Cree Confederation
    2. Seekaskootch
    3. Poundmaker
    4. Dry Lake
    5. Battle River

    ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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      congrats to all the winners.......


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        womens contemporary fancy
        jade brown
        trish albert
        carol melting tallow
        bobbilyn pratt

        original style fancy
        linda standing
        lisa ewack noon
        michelle lonechild
        melinda whitecloud
        irene oakes

        contemporary jingle
        farica prince
        lacey albert
        cyrina bull
        kristie yuzicappi

        original style jingle
        lillian gadwa
        diane derocher
        leah syrette
        alana tootoosis-baker
        alaynie goodwill

        original style traditional
        charmaine standing
        cherise mckay
        deanna rain
        amber buffalo
        miranda "motza" thompson

        contemporary traditional
        jodette melting tallow
        melissa dorn
        raylene hunter
        sharon buffalo
        danita goodwill

        contemporary fancy
        mylan tootoosis
        navarone thunderchild
        lazurus roan
        kenny pratt jr
        spike draper

        original style fancy
        marcus patayken
        travis lovette
        teddy bison
        rylan baker
        amos yazzie

        contemporary grass
        jason cooke
        aj redman
        derrick stanley
        terrance goodwill
        randall paskimen

        original style grass
        cedrick baker
        dennis omeasoo
        clifton goodwill
        quanah larose
        wayne fox

        contemporary trad
        kirk gamble
        preston gamble
        moses carrier
        bobby hunter
        conrad medicine rope

        original style trad
        keith tacan
        adriene klein
        terry brockie
        jim red eagle
        wendall prowless

        mens chicken
        dustin whitford
        nelson baker
        sheldon scalplock jr
        tj warren
        rooster topsky
        Watch your broken dreams...
        Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon


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          Winners of specials

          Does anyone know the winners of the specials? The FSIN princess special...congrats to all winners!


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            the only ones of the specials i remember on sunday ....

            wendall prowless won one ... jim red eagle got second

            bobbilyn pratt won one ... candace faithful got second

            spike draper won one too i think LOL ...

            there were sooo many spotlight specials ... seemed like LOL

            Ashlyn McAurther is the 2008 FSIN princess .... 1st runner up Marissa Tsatoke and 2nd runner Tatiana Medicine Rope
            Watch your broken dreams...
            Dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon


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              bobbi lynn pratt won 1st in womens fancy spotlight special 2nd candace gadwa 3rd jade brown 4th melissa tootoosis
              mens spotlight went to spike 2nd kenny 3rd landingeagle goforth 4th can't remember
              womens jingle 1st kristie yuziciappi 2nd I think it was cyrina bull 3rd ?? 4th memory delorme
              mens chicken 1st rooster topsly can't remember the rest
              men tradish 1stjim red eagle 2nd wendall powless 3rd conrad medicine rope I THINK 4th ???
              they had 2 teen jingle specials and 2 jr fancy specials but I missed those ones
              the new fsin princess is ashlynn mcathur
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              Check it out yO


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                Congraz!!! to all the WINNERZ!!! rOoster, and wendal and to the drums.......must have been SOUnd...any whooz congraz to everyone who won


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                  Congrats on the first place win WILD HORSE! You Rule.


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                    Hey congrats to ALL da sound like it was a goot one, huh?

                    Thx for posting the winners.......


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