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New Mexico Sobriety Dance

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  • New Mexico Sobriety Dance

    Does anyone know where the Sobriety Dance scheduled for Dec. 30 and 31 will be held? It was being held at Bernallilo High School, on the flyers it says the location is to be announced.

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    Toppenish, WA - Rocco Clark's Dance Class
    by Wakalapi
    The diabetes program and "Healthy Heart Office" has been sponsoring a powwow dance class taught by Rocco Clark. May 1, 2007 is the end-of-season mini-powwow party for the class. Youth drum High Rock will be singing a few sings while Rocco's students exhibition various dance categories. Public...
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    Ghost dance
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    Is there such a dance called the "Ghost dance"?
    If so, what is the story behind the dance?
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    Who has a dance coming up?
    Any dances coming up soon? Tell us of your next dance and maybe we can go dance together.

    My next dance I know of is in March at the Univ. of MO.. I was asked to help the committee as their A.D.. I was told it will be a contest dance. (I do know of some stomp dances as well.)
    11-30-2004, 01:36 AM
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    Tail Dance this weekend?
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    Does anyone know anything about a taildance being held at the Otoe Agency, Red Rock Ok, this weekend? ( May 17 or 18, 2008) Is the Otoe Ilonska sponsoring this dance?
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    Undoubtedly, Chicken (Prairie) Dancing is becoming more popular coast-to-coast.

    I have seen Navaho, Comanche and Lumbee chicken dancers.

    Anybody wanna' venture out and explain this dance? Perhaps the who (tribe/s), what, where, whys and how?
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