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    Does anyone know what's going on with the Ann Arbor Powwow this year? I know it's a few months away, but I keep hearing different information about when it's going to be, and where its going to be held at. I also heard U of M isn't sponsoring it any more. What's that all about?
    We haven't been to this powwow in a long time, and we were really looking forward to going this year. But if they're having a lot of issues, we're having second thoughts. It's a long way to travel. So, if anyone has any information, please give us the low down!

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    Here's what's showing now: 37th Annual Ann Arbor Powwow

    It looks like it has moved to the Eastern Michigan campus, according to the flyer. But that's right near U of M so, it may not be too big a problem.


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      Thanks for the link - I'll keep checking for updates!


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        No problem. Don't want to miss this one...after the housebound blues.


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          Well, the saga continues, it is now moved to Saline Michigan, at the Saline Middle School.!! and the dates are April 4-5 2009. This is near Ann Arbor,maybe about 5-10 minutes away...The info/Flier are at 37th Annual Ann Arbor Powwow


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            This doesn't sound good....I wonder what's going on with the last minute changes. And moving a powwow of that size to a middle school? That's different.

            Well, we had planned to go and were looking forward to it, but we made other plans for the weekend of April no trip up there for us this year.


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              Saw a flyer this weekend...

              When we were at Michigan State Pow-Wow in Lansing we got a flyer about this pow-wow. It didn't have any details other than the change of location. The total prize money was listed as $20,000.00 I don't know how they plan to break that down or about any of the dignitaries thus far.
              Of course I have "heard" many things about why they changed their location but you know how that goes. We only live 2 hours away so we'll be there regardless.


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                there was a letter sent around a lil while back as to a reason for changes, plus there is construction at the university (remember the parking lot last year at crisler arena??)
                anyway, i've heard this middle school is actually a decent size and just might make a good, permanent location for the powwow.
                its a whole 45 mins from home so we'll be there too.
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                  Hey everyone!

                  Can't wait for this one...I missed it last year :( I always have a good time at Ann Arbor and it gives me a chance to catch up with all my buddies from up that way!

                  See you guys 1st wknd of april :)
                  *BE EASY*


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                    Originally posted by buckskin pantyhose View Post
                    Hey everyone!

                    Can't wait for this one...I missed it last year :( I always have a good time at Ann Arbor and it gives me a chance to catch up with all my buddies from up that way!

                    See you guys 1st wknd of april :)

                    Since you are going..I'm definitely going to try and make it! :)

                    It would be great to see you! :)
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