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4th Annual UNC Pembroke Spring UNITY Powwow, April 11, 2009

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  • 4th Annual UNC Pembroke Spring UNITY Powwow, April 11, 2009

    Wanted to share this information...

    4th Annual UNCP Spring UNITY Powwow
    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    UNCP Quad (between Old Main Building & Library)
    Rain Location: University Annex
    Pembroke, NC

    Grand Entry 12:00 noon

    Head Staff
    MC - Sandon Jacobs
    Head Man - Chee Nul Ka Pocknett
    Head Lady - Millicent Clark
    Host Southern Drum - Southern Sun
    Host Northern Drum - Stoney Creek
    Arena Director - John Locklear, Sr
    Head Judge - Sharron Berrun

    Dance Competition for Adults/Teen/Drum only
    Drum Contest will be combined

    Adult Contest: Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Jingle
    1st - $150, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $75

    Teen Contest: Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Jingle
    1st - $100, 2nd - $75, 3rd - $50

    Drum Contest (combined)
    1st - $500, 2nd - $300, 3rd - $150

    Giveaway for Juniors & Tiny Tots

    One Man Hand Drum - Winner take all
    Two Step - Winner take all

    Registration will open at 10:00 am

    Vendors Welcome.... $50 set up fee.

    For more information contact Becky at: 910-775-4323 or [email protected]
    Becky G.


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    Wanted to bring this back to the top...

    Coming up this weekend.... Hope to see everyone here at UNCP.

    We've added contest for Junior categories as well this year:

    1st - $50
    2nd - $25
    3rd - $15

    Come out and support our student organizations!
    Becky G.



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      Hey guys - who all is coming to UNCP??? Always a blast...
      Everything is gonna be alright!

      Be blessed - got love???

      This b me.....


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        Safe travels to all who attend. Looks like a good one.


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          Everything is falling into place. Getting ready.... Hope to see everyone Saturday.
          Becky G.



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            Good luck Becky on the powwow!
            Becky B.


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              Thanks...... We're looking forward to a great day!
              Becky G.



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                good luck Becky with the powwow. way to represent ayes! let us know how it went and if u seen other pw.commers there. ill be at the other UNITY pw here in AZ on Sat
                thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                  Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting our students. The powwow was wonderful. There was a really good feeling all day and the weather was beautiful. Hope to see everyone back again next year (April 10, 2010 - Mark you calendars!!!). It was great to see so many friendly faces.

                  Our head staff did an awesome job...Thanks guys! Congratulations to our sponsoring Native organizations! You guys did an outstanding job!

                  Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend in Hollister!
                  Becky G.



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                    Winners List

                    Girls Fancy
                    1st - Satarah Lewis
                    2nd - Mika Deese
                    3rd - Sheanne Locklear

                    Boys Fancy
                    1st - Devin West

                    Girls Jingle
                    1st - Atyana Locklear

                    Boys Grass
                    1st - Yona Locklear
                    2nd - Seneka Locklear

                    Girls Traditional
                    1st - Destiny Hardin
                    2nd - Faith Deese

                    Boys Traditional
                    1st - Tyler Richardson
                    2nd - Timothy Jones

                    Teen Women's Fancy
                    1st - Jessica Locklear
                    2nd - Makayla Branch

                    Teen Women's Jingle
                    1st - Caitlin Hagins

                    Teen Men's Grass
                    1st - Ronald Andrade
                    2nd - Kevin Chavis

                    Teen Women's Traditional
                    1st - Tequorra Green
                    2nd - Lalya Locklear
                    3rd - Courtney Locklear

                    Teen Men's Traditional
                    1st - Nick Locklear
                    2nd Jullen Baxley

                    Women's Fancy
                    1st - Ree Richardson
                    2nd - Patricia Richardson
                    3rd - Jessica Moore

                    Men's Fancy
                    1st - Waya Dimalanta
                    2nd - Jared Reyes

                    Women's Jingle
                    1st - Sheena Lynch

                    Men's Grass
                    1st - Josh Richardson
                    2nd - Billy Hunt
                    3rd - Robert Lowery

                    Women's Traditional
                    1st - Yvonne Jacobs
                    2nd - Heather Jones
                    3rd - Mary Alice Matthews

                    Men's Traditional
                    1st - Bo Goins
                    2nd - Cody Jacobs
                    3rd - Patrick Green

                    Drum Contest
                    1st - Red Earth Singers
                    2nd - Kau-ta-noh Jrs
                    3rd - Southern Eagle

                    Two Step Special
                    Bo Goins & Ree Richardson

                    One Man Hand Drum Special
                    Josh Gibbs

                    Duck-n-Dive Special
                    Patrick Green

                    Thanks again to everyone that came out to participate in this year's powwow.
                    Last edited by MsLum91; 04-14-2009, 01:58 PM.
                    Becky G.



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                      Glad to hear the powwow went well! I was planning on going, but some stuff came up the day of. It was a busy time with Easter weekend. Hope you all had fun!


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