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Central Michigan University Pow-Wow Results

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  • Central Michigan University Pow-Wow Results

    Golden Age Men
    3rd: Ted White
    1st: Royce Kingbird

    Golden Age Women
    2nd: Debbie Klein
    1st: Annette LittleWolf

    Women's Traditional
    3rd: Alexa Funmaker
    2nd: Nikki Crisp
    1st: Melissa Montoya

    Men's Traditional
    3rd: Charles Belisle
    2nd: Will Hedgepeth
    1st: Wendall Powless

    Women's Jingle
    3rd: Viki Hindsley
    2nd: Challis Isaac
    1st: Paula Hedgepeth

    Men's Grass
    3rd: Jesse Osawamick
    2nd: Bud Day
    1st: Matt Pheasant

    Women's Fancy
    3rd: Netawn Kiogima
    2nd: Barbara O'Rourke
    1st: Heather Schuyler

    Men's Fancy
    3rd: Jason Whitehouse
    2nd: Wayne Silas
    1st: Darrell Hill

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    I really liked how this pow wow was run. It's been the best set up Ive been to since Ive been going ...

    AND-I believe Joanne Whitehouse got 3rd in Golden Age.
    It was some tought competition in the adult congrats to everyone that got in!
    "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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      Pat Logan got 3d in Womens Golden Age. FUN powwow!


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        Drum Contest

        3rd: Little Otter
        2nd: Smokey Town
        1st: Crazy Bear (mix of Crazy Spirit & Bear Creek)

        Hand Drum Contest

        3rd: Round Bellies (I think that was their
        -Wayne Silas
        -Edmond Navequoya
        -Wendall Powless

        2nd: The Isaac Brothers
        -Nathan Isaac
        -Matt Isaac
        -Dan Isaac

        1st: Crazy Bear
        -Joe Syrette
        -Nick Hewson
        -Little Man Quintero
        -Darrell Hill
        -Bud Day

        Other Drums: Great Lakes Alliance, Ribbon Town, WarClub, Ho-Chunk Station, Spirit Lake, Southern Straight, Bear Hart, Awohali, and White Tail Cree (Host Drum).
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          Thanks so much for ALL da winners!!! You just need all the names of each individual on the drums...JK!

          Keep running!!!! It works wonders!!!


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