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  • Natchez Pow Wow

    Has anybody been or is anybody going to the Natchez,MS Pow Wow?

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    I have. I was head man dancer there one year....2002.

    Small dance...non-contest.

    But, loads of great people......I don't know if Dr. Borum still has a gathering there at his place, or if he still runs it. But, they used to have a huge catfish fry on Friday night, then mudbugs, oysters and stuff on sunday after the dance was over.

    The family of the Late Vernon Atkins (Otoe) put up a feed on Saturday evening.

    Drum group is comprised of mostly Osage guys from Oklahoma this year.

    Dunno who they got for the Northern Drum....but, usually, it's some local folks from up North Mississippi.

    The Riverboat casino was fun...the locals were pretty darned nice, especially the African Americans there.....I guess all minorities should get along, but, when I had breakfast over at Shoney's or Denny's or something or other there, the mostly black wait staff there were all a buzz about the powwow, and were glad to meet an indian.....and I just thought they were the nicest people in the whole freakin world., up the road from Doc Borums old home...I'm told they had a cross burning a few days before I'd arrived....and that it wasn't safe or probably not prudent to go out and about on my own.

    I thought that was kinda sad, but, heck, I don't go where I'm not wanted or welcome.

    Otherwise, and in was a great time, I had LOADS of friends there.

    Wish I was goin.

    I think it's supposed to be rainign there this weekend.

    If you go. Enjoy yourself. Eat, hit up the riverboat, or drive across the river to Vidalia I believe it's called.

    Drive by the antebellum homes from the Civil War era.
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      Thanks for the info.


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