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  • Inmate Powwow Seeking Donations

    Trying to find ways to contact Native Americans by way of e-mail, newspapers, tribal councils or in any way to support your brothers behind the fences of their prison. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    I am writing on behalf of the Native American inmates at Snake River Correctional Institute in Ontario, OR. I am the mother of one Native American inmate. Each year the Native American inmates put on a powwow at Snake River in which they have been allowed to invite two special people to join in the powwow. The inmates have always sponsored the powwow with the funds they earn and whatever other support they receive from the "outside". This year they are in danger of having to cancel their powwow which has been scheduled for June 29, 2009. They do not have enough funds to pay for the food for the powwow. I was honored to attend last year's powwow in which they served salmon, buffalo steak and burgers, flat breads, berries and a fruit salad. They also had juices available to drink. The inmates work hard and prepare all the food themselves (including delicious buffalo burger buns and flat breads). There are a lot of traditional goings on including welcoming dance, other dances, drumming, music, prayers, speakers, and entertainment from the outside in the way of Native dancers, etc. The Native American inmates look forward to this event every year. They are on their best behavior all year long in order to be able to sponsor this event and there is never any trouble at the event. A few guards are around but they seem to enjoy the event as much as the inmates. This is a time for them to be able to show their support of each other and their heritage and share it with others. They also make Native American crafts and art work all year long so that each person leaves with a gift that has been made by one of the inmates.

    They have not been able to save enough to sponsor their powwow this year. Last year they had $2500.00 for their powwow and were only a little bit short on the food. (Of course the inmates are the ones who went without food...not the guests). This year they are short of that goal and the prices of the food has increased. If you would like to make a donation to this once-a-year event they so cherish, please send your donation check or money order

    Payable to:
    DOC SRCI Native American Fund #2631

    and mail to:
    DOC Central Trust
    PO Box 14400
    Salem, OR 97309

    SRCI stands for Snake River Correctional Institute and DOC stands for Department of Corrections.

    They will appreciate and celebrate any amount you feel that you can offer. If they should be blessed with more than they need then the extra funds will be applied to their powwow for 2010. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will try to answer your questions. You may also contact their Chaplain: Steve Brabb at SRCI (541) 881-5625.

    Thank you ever so much,

    Mother of a Native American of the Grand Ronde Tribe of Oregon
    This is a solicitation for funds for the yearly powwow and is being sent out by myself only. I feel for these inmates and am looking for support of this function as it is the "highlight" of their year. A chance for them to feel proud of what they have accomplished and of their heritage. They have sweats, do beading, work on their Native garments, and do other Native American crafts all year long. They also practice drumming and singing throughout the year in order to celebrate their heritage and give them strength to deal with their daily lives and their futures.

    Thank You.
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    This is a very worthy cause, I am going to see what i can pull together to send.

    Also try and distribute to some Inmate Programs in hopes of it accumulating more donation.

    Thank you for posting this


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      Yes, this is a great cause and I'd be willing to sing there for free if I were in the neighborhood.
      To get a true picture of your purpose in life, you only get the whole picture when you listen with your mind, your ears and your heart. This way The Creator has a direct connection with you and only outside interference.

      When you follow the will of IT that created you, understanding that your purpose is not for you...but for IT and all that IT has created, there can be no wrong except failure to be obedient. Only then do we jeopardize the gifts we are given.

      Its not the final destination that defines us, rather the journey taken!


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        Need to come up with a distribution flyer for this
        ANy artists out there game?


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