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    me too! I was going to say you have a nice outfit!
    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      I will get right next to someone and start lookin' all around on the ground, even get out a flashlight if its night, when they finally ask if I am lookin for somethin my response is always the same "ya, that beat ya lost"

      Seriously though, ya I have seen that slo-mo deal for fancy foot work and it looks weird.

      What I can't understand is when northern traditionals are doing a sneak up, how can you tell if they are on beat? Mostly just looks like they are shivering.


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        I guess what bugs me the most is off-beat singers. Now that can put the damper on a crowd any time.
        Big Pauly, Anishinaabe Ogitchidaa Aanikoominodewiwin


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          its one thing to dance off beat when they are dancing at the same tempo, but its even more weird to watch someone dance off tempo. they seem to be off in there own little world, just dancing away to their own song. lol

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            I must say we have a male Tradish dancer from my area who dances off beat and off tempo but he looks cool. It somehow works for him and he places. Theres no way others could get away with it or make it look good. I'm not sure if thats his tribal style or not.


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              Never mind the drums that sing off beat.


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                Originally posted by jed View Post
                Never mind the drums that sing off beat.
                Agreed. I was asked to sing behhind a local drum once (they were new but still) the one singer sang off beat everytime he took a lead, threw me the first few times. Suggested to the lead singer (friend of mine) that he should be more picky bout who he gives a lead to.


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