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  • New England Powwow

    I got this invitation from the Harvard University Powwow committee. If you are able, come support the Harvard Native students in their annual celebration!

    Event Spotlight
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    Holay! You got a pretty Head Lady Dancer!!! LOL

    Good luck up there WhoMe.

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

    "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

    Mr. Rossie Freeman


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      Went from.....

      The worlds tallest Fancy dancer to the worlds tallest grass dancer to the worlds tallest emcee.........GAWD! Say wuz upp to muh "twin" Brother Bruce......Geez haven't been to HAH VAAD in years.....Who Me Pahk your Cah in Haa Vaad Yaad.....
      "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


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        Summer Powwow in MO, Aug.
        by CHEROSAGE
        Powwow sponsored by the Indian Council of Many Nations proudly presents the annual Summer Powwow. The date is August 26-28(Fri-Sun). It will be at the Indian Ministries Campus in Grain Valley, MO. This is just East of Kansas City MO on I 70.

        MC- Dave Trezak
        Head Gourd...
        08-10-2005, 02:31 AM
      • gaonseh
        Tucson New Year's Powwow
        by gaonseh
        I've been hearing about some New Year's contest powwow in Tucson with big prize money... Is this true? If so, any info?? What's the scoop or is this just nasty rumor? Some folks I know are planning to travel quite a ways for it -- I don't know anything about it though... you?? :dontknow:
        12-08-2004, 12:03 PM
        Powwow in the South!!!!
        by CHEROSAGE
        I want to invite everyone on the behalf of my son Tony. He is the head boy dancer at the Way South Powwow in McAllen Tx. For information PM Lipanlady or just call Robert Soto at 956-686-6696.

        The line up looks something like this:
        Southern Drum- South Wind- Jerod Buffalohead...
        10-08-2003, 12:25 AM
      • killakam81
        HEADMAN Dancer!
        by killakam81
        My Buddy is gonna be headman dance for a powwow in april. this is his first time as headman....Can anyone let me about the whole head dancer thing? What he does and how to go about it? What about the giveaway?
        02-10-2010, 06:49 PM
      • Historian
        Head Dancer Traditions?
        by Historian
        This may be something many of us take for granted, but I would be interested in knowing...

        What are some of the Southern Pow-Wow "Head Dancer" traditions you follow, or have seen others follow?

        What should a Head Man Dancer do at a Southern Pow-Wow?
        11-09-2006, 04:56 PM



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