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Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, Ontario Powwow

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  • Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, Ontario Powwow

    More Info is also available on Facebook.

    New this year *Raised prize money, Cultural Tent, Princess Pageant*

    Free onsite camping and showers available.

    Area hotels: Best Western and Holiday Inn in Pt. Edward, Super 8 and Drawbridge Inn - Sarnia.

    Hope to see you there!
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    We've been receiving a lot of emails about the border issue. I know that a few border tribes were issued statements saying they will take the old status cards until the new enhanced tribal cards are done. Now I don`t know if that applies to all tribes or what.... But I haven`t heard of any other problems otherwise. Don`t shoot the messenger just putting it out there. haha No ones had any problems this week crossing back and forth.


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      Nobody's had problems if they are Canadian and have a Status Card. If you are American and have a Tribal can't cross. I picked up Passport applications for me and my son's. As of June 1st, we can no longer cross without a United States Passport or a Passport Card. They won't take anything else.....not a driver's license or birth certificates.....nothing.
      Hoping we get our passports soon.


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        I got one (the card type for driving/sailing to mexico/ air travel) in about 13 days. They are good for 10 years, and cost $45. Some post offices offices handle these.


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          This is alittle off-topic from the pow wow, but my family just went to the DMV yesterday for the enhanced license/ID. I was wondering if NYS is the only states to issue those.
          And my parents went to 6 Nay last night without enhanced licenses/ID/Passport, and they got across the border. I don't know if that's just out this way though...I know I get a hassle at the Michigan/Canadian border most of the time-in the past.
          Soooooooooooo-hopefully we'll make it up to Sarnia in a few weeks!..if not, there's always the 10 hour drive ( ) to Bay Mills instead of the nice 4 hour drive to Sarnia
          "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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            3 more days!!

            I haven't heard of anyone having problems at the border. Both sides have issued statements for the status cards. The weather is looking great, the grounds are looking nice and the community is excited! Also:) kids under 18 don't need a passport- just have to have their birth certificate :) Trust me, I'm a frequent crosser *L* Hope to see a good crowd. New "spot" specials were just added- so hope to see some good jammin! Have fun this weekend wherever you are.


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