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Robert Woolery Sr. Memorial Powwow, Sedalia MO

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  • Robert Woolery Sr. Memorial Powwow, Sedalia MO

    I would like to invite everyone to come to Sedalia MO in July on the 17,18 and 19 2009. This is a non-contest dance held at the MO State Fairgrounds, in a large air conditioned building.

    Our head staff is:
    Headsinger- Rosco Conklin, Ponca
    Headman- Danny Soto, Apache(Lipan)
    Headlady- Maria TwoHatchets- Kiowa, Lakota, Tohono O'odham
    HeadGourd Dancer- TBA
    Arena Director(s)- Roger Crane and Grandson- Shane Adams- Quapaws
    Master of Ceremonies- Bob Woolery- Cherokee/Osage/Shawnee/Chickasaw

    you may contact the committee at [email protected]

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    I would again invite everyone to come and dance in Sedalia the weekend of July 17-19. If you want to mapquest Sedalia our zip is 65301.

    We are dancing inside in a large Air Conditioned building. We have lots of camping spaces available around the building and in a close full hook-up campgrounds.

    Come visit and have fun


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      H Chaundra.
      We are excited too. Can't wait to get up there. This thread has the correct info on the powwow, so I am responding to you on it.
      I am hoping to make me a new dress, but right now I am working on Dallas's grass outfit and repairs on dance stuff. You know how that goes.
      I would like to leave on the 15th (Mike's and my anniversary), but it looks like we are leaving the next day. But who know:)
      Say HI to everyone. See you all soon.



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        Hey there Mike and Betty. Come up quickly so we can get some visting in this year.

        I Would just like to say again that I want to invite everyone to come and have a good time dancing/singing with us. This is NOT a contest dance so just take your time and enjoy yourselves. Eat, visit, eat, dance/sing, eat, have fun, eat and just plain ole enjoy yourselves. Looking forward to meeting all of our old friends again and meeting new ones. Go up to the MC Stand and ask for me. Some one up there will steer you in the right direction.


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          July 17-19, this weekend

          I just want to remind everyone about our dance this coming weekend, July 17-19. The bldg is air conditioned and we have a nice leisurely time. Come and enjoy yourselves.


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            Thank you

            Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to come and make our little dance a very successful one. From our Caommittee(family) we say WADO.

            My wife and Sister-in-laws couldn't keep up with all the fry bread eatten. They were very busy little ladies.

            Bob and Susie L', Thank you for comeing down. I'm very thankful that Bob was able to make this trip. Take care of yourself and get well. We'll dance together again soon.


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