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    There is a flyer out on for this. July 23-26, 2009. It has Adults 18-39, Sr Adults 40-59, and Golden Age 60+ with 4 places, 1st $1000, 2d $800, 3d $600, 4th $400. Teens 13-17 1st $400, 2d $300, 3d $200, 4th $100, 7-12 1st $200, 2d $150, 3d $100, 4th $75

    Did not have enough time to try to put the link on here for ya'll. But left you the address...

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    Well then, since I met you once,and you were a nice person, I will do it:


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      Can't wait!!! I always LOVE dancing here!!


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        Inquiring minds want to know...when do contest points start? The flier says Thursday afternoon but we also heard that they don't start til Friday...makes a HUGE difference in terms of leave taken, degree of suffering involved,


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          Bago 09'

          LMAO @ doubt....


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            last time i went the point system started on thursday afternoon and they also had exit points, participation points, spot check points, etc. i dont know if it has changed


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              JoeG: Thanks for the help!! lol-way later

              ndnMSW: Come on up Thursday and suffer with us!! It'll be fun!! My mom will be there. Bring your parentals! There's a GA (55+) mens trad special.

              If you click on the link above, it shows the bare bones flyer when it first came out and it clearly states, "Dancing & Singing points will start on Thursday afternoon"

              If you start @ introwinnebago tribe and goto "attractions" and find the link to the powwow flyer, it shows the latest flyer which also says the same thing and shows specials.

              I'll be raising flags @ 6:00am Thursday morning with lots of us Veterans!! It's the most exciting start to a powwow ANYWHERE!!! Morning dew on the grounds...a little cold and dark...sun not up yet...all the cars pulling up to the grounds in a hurry...drum group pulling up at the LAST MINUTE (OR LATER-cos we don't wait!)...seeing ALL the people converging clutching their loved ones flags...greeting everybody THAT dang early in the morning!!! It's AWESOME!!! 143d Annual Homecoming Celebration Commemorating the return of Chief Little Priest and Company "A" Fort Omaha Scouts 34th Nebraska Volunteers of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska!! Nothing like it that I've seen!
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                Leaving tonight!! Psyched!!! Woohoo!!


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                  winners??? Anyone awake yet?


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                    ok...lemme see what my fuzzy memory says...idk some was 1am Monday morning when we got outta there and I had been up for 6am flag raising Sun after Sat session ended @ I could do here...

                    GA Hocak Applique
                    1 Elena Blackdeer
                    2 Ilona Maney

                    GA Womenz Trad
                    1 Annette Littlewolf
                    idk place but Pat Logan
                    don't remember rest

                    GA Menz Trad
                    Paul Cloud got in there somewhere

                    40-59 Menz Fancy
                    1 Thorpe Sine
                    2 Gerry Jr
                    3 Allen Roy Paquin

                    40-59 Southern Cloth/Buckskin Combined
                    1 Delaine Snowball
                    idk Sandy Harris got in

                    40-59 Womenz Trad
                    Salina in there

                    40-59 Jingle
                    1 Denise One Star
                    Vicky Hindsley in there

                    40-59 Womenz Fancy Shawl
                    1 Muriel Stuart
                    2 Mariette Sutherland
                    3 Marci Gilbert
                    4 Barbara Whitehead O'Rourke

                    18-39 Menz Fancy
                    1 Doug Schofield
                    2 Michael Roberts

                    18-39 Jingle
                    1 Alexarae Funmaker
                    4 Amelia

                    18-39 Hocak Applique
                    1 Rita Kingswan

                    18-39 Womenz Trad
                    2 Danielle Benton
                    Jancita Warrington in there

                    18-39 Womenz Fancy Shawl
                    1 Tawny Hale
                    2 Anhinga Whitecloud
                    3 Rhea Thundercloud
                    4 idk
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                      Want to know

                      Inquiring minds want to know. What is the skinny (no pun intended!!!) on Southern Boys being disqualified at the W'bago Pow? Too bad drugs had to be involved i heard. Not too cool for such a highly regarded group. They need to be more discriminating when it comes to allowing anyone on their drum.


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