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Muckeshoot powwows?

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  • Muckeshoot powwows?

    There are number of rumours going around in regards to the various powwows held at Muckleshoot. I am looking for the staight scoop or poop on the upcoming powwows. Is Veterens powwow still on? when is it? and what about the other powwows?
    Enquiring minds need to know.

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    I seen a poster for a pow-wow in Muckleshoot on July 24-27, 2009. Unfortunately, that is the same weekend as Julyamsh in Post Falls. So the debate is which one to go to! Choose wisely!


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      i heard vetrens is the last week end of june!!
      from da 406 to the 509 and every 49, it's all fine in da 09


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