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  • Full & Complete 7 Clans Casino Results

    2009 Seven Clans Casino Pow Wow Results

    Teen Girls Traditional
    1st - Verlina Blackkettle - Calgary, AB.
    2nd - Jade Gustafson - Thunder Bay, Ont.
    3rd - Cecily St. Cyr - Sioux City, Ia.
    4th - Jaleesa Starblanket - Roseau River, Mb.

    Teen Girls Jingle
    1st - Ashleigh Benais - Onion Lake, Sk.
    2nd - Mallory Oakes - Saskatoon, Sk.
    3rd - Allison Gegwetch - Winnipeg, Mb.
    4th - Vaskwane Stonefish - Peshawbestown, Mi.

    Teen Girls Fancy
    1st - Laryn Oakes - Saskatoon, Sk.
    2nd - Beedoskah Stonefish - Peshawbestown, Mi.
    3rd - Sky Blackkettle - Calgary, Ab.
    4th - Oke-Tw'sha Roberts - Atwood, SD.

    Teen Boys Traditional
    1st - John Richards - Allen, SD
    2nd - Dwight Littlejohn - Roseau River, Mb.
    3rd - Yamini Mo - Walthill, NE.
    4th - Michael Fish - Keshena, WI.

    Teen Boys Grass
    1st - Peanutt Roberts - Atwood, SD.
    2nd - Jesse Gustason - Thunder Bay, Ont.
    3rd - Alex Copenace - Whitefish Bay, Ont.
    4th - Tohee Funmaker - Wisconsin Dells, WI.

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st - Courage Cleveland - Wisconsin Dells, WI.
    2nd - Stetson Hagel - Fort Yates, ND.
    3rd - Jessup Yazzie - Savage, MN.
    4th - Dwight Kelly - Porcupine, SD.

    Jr. Women's Traditional
    1st - Tosha Goodwill - Ft. Qu'Appelle, Sk.
    2nd - Danita Goodwill - Fairfax, OK.
    3rd - Tara Sandy - Pipestone, Mb.
    4th - Amber Buffalo - Bismarck, ND.

    Jr. Women's Jingle
    1st - Grace Pushetonequa - Tama, IA.
    2nd - Winona Kingbird - Wahpeton, ND.
    3rd - Tahnee Back - Anoka, Mn.
    4th - Ahneekah Topsky - Rocky Boy, MT.

    Jr. Women's Fancy
    1st - Jocy Bird - Brookings, SD.
    2nd - Nyomi Cleveland - Wisconsin Dells, WI.
    3rd - Tawny Hale - Pawnee, OK.
    4th - Rose Track - Onieda, WI.

    Jr. Men's Traditional
    1st - Cetan Thunder Hawk - Bozeman, MT.
    2nd - Keith Tacan - Sioux Valley, Mb.
    3rd - Dana Warrington - Keshena, WI.
    4th - Steve Charging Eagle - Rapid City, SD.

    Jr. Men's Grass
    1st - Wanbli Charging Eagle - Red Scaffold, SD.
    2nd - Julius Not Afraid - Box Elder, MT.
    3rd - Bryson Lonechild - Calgary, Ab.
    4th - Buck Spotted Tail - Rosebud, SD.

    Jr. Men's Fancy
    1st - Spike Draper - Kirtland, NM.
    2nd - Darrell Hill - Milwaukee, WI.
    3rd - Rylan Baker - Newtown, ND.
    4th - Itoncha St. John - Bismarck, ND.

    Jr. Men's Chicken
    1st - Nelson Baker - Newtown, ND.
    2nd - T.J. Warren - Saskatoon, Sk.
    3rd - Garret Henry - Roseau River, Mb.
    4th - Matthew Whitecloud - Jumping Deer Creek, Sk.

    Sr. Women's Traditional
    1st - Kellie Mae Downwind - Minneapolis, MN.
    2nd - Angelina Hindsley - Baraboo, WI.
    3rd - Ruby McArthur - Kisbey, Sk.
    4th - Nadine Deegan - Ft. Qu'Appelle, Sk.

    Sr. Women's Jingle
    1st - Melinda Whitecloud - Jumping Deer Creek, Sk.
    2nd - Sharon Eagleman - Lawrence, KS.
    3rd - Rowena Roberts - Atwood, OK.
    4th - Vickie Hindsley - Wisconsin Dells, WI.

    Sr. Women's Fancy
    1st - Crystal Cleveland - Eau Claire, WI.
    2nd - Shelly Bointy - Lawrence, KS.
    3rd - Lisa Ewalk-Noon - Oceanman, Sk.
    4th - Michelle Lonechild - Calgary, Ab.

    Sr. Men's Traditional
    1st - Tobias Provost - Alberta
    2nd - Justin Huenemann - Minneapolis, MN.
    3rd - Edmond Nevaquaya - Apache, OK.
    4th - Jamie Mandamin - Shoal Lake, On.

    Sr. Men's Grass
    1st - Randall Paskemin - West Valley, UT.
    2nd - Ron McNabb - Coyote Hills, Sk.
    3rd - Wade Baker - Newtown, ND.
    4th - Sidrick Baker - Newtown, ND.

    Sr. Men's Fancy
    1st - Michael Roberts - Ada, OK.
    2nd - Wayne Silas Jr. - Oneida, WI.
    3rd - Jerry Cleveland Jr. - Wisonsin Dells, WI.
    4th - Dwight Whitebuffalo - Watonga, OK.

    Sr. Men's Chicken
    1st - Sheldon Scalplock - Calgary, Ab.
    2nd - Shawn Scabbyrobe - White Swan, WA.
    3rd - Richard Street - St. Michael, ND.
    4th - Stacy Makes Good - Allen, SD.

    Committee Singing Contest
    1st - Midnite Express
    2nd - Mandaree
    3rd - Meskwaki Nation
    4th - Young Kingbird

    Memorial Singing Contest
    1st - Mandaree
    2nd - Blacklodge
    3rd - Midnite Express
    4th - Meskwaki Nation

    Hand Drum Contest
    1st - Midnite Express
    2nd - Blacklodge
    3rd - Da Five Of Dem
    4th - Meskwaki Nation
    5th - Five Iron

    Mocassin Contest
    1st - Nelson Johnson
    2nd - Phil Grolla
    3rd - Kevin Kingbird
    4th - John (Something)

    Just noticed that the Golden Age Categories were not included, I will update as soon as I get that.
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