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more border crossin blues...is it true?

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  • more border crossin blues...is it true?

    A friend of mine told me today that she heard that when crossin the boarder from canada to the States this year that regalia and bundles (not just feathers) would be confiscated. Has anyone else heard this? If true it could be a major problem.

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    I've heard lots...

    Its pretty pathetic as well....Folks are getting tired of being harrassed.....We were heading North a few years back and the Border Officer wanted to cut open our drum to check for any "contents" inside.....rawhide drum mind you.....We just looked at him as if he was crazy....
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      I'd suggest that you plan ahead. Talk to folks, know what borders are knowledgeable about pw people and what not. There'z one born every minute so it'd be no suprise that there'z the possibility of one getting hired at border customs.

      Here in WA they are making it sound like the Enhanced Drivers' License is the cure all to border crossing woes. If it were only true....oh well. I'd get one but the in depth application process might reveal my true identity as the Frybread Avenger!!!

      ...that's so true....so, so true...


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