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    I apologize if some felt that my post about the OSU Powwow was that all Ohio Powwows suck. I need to edit that sentence and I will to show what I was saying about "some" Ohio powwows. Yes some suck but some do not even with certain people there. For example:

    This was a fantastic event! Even Tom Netz was OK this weekend as the AD and that is saying alot (that should be self understood).

    Anyway, there was crowds galore and Good Drums, Good Dancers, Good Vendors and a Great Time!

    As for why I was so upset with just one person at OSU I will compare that to the person in charge at Fort Ancient. Jack Blosser is "awesome." He was quick to return phone calls and e-mails about directions, schedule, lodging, camping, food, showers, electric, and so much more. He met us there and was highly visible all weekend long for anything that anybody needed. He is also a person of knowledge about Native American Culture. That is how the person in charge should be and Jack you did a great job!

    The family had a wonderful time and did not mind the rain shower we got on Sunday either. Now this is a good time even with rain.
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      i 2nd that, this years event at Fort Aincient was Soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!

      The Trade blanket saturday night was hilarious, not alot of pricey items more delirium and laughter
      And even tho we got rained out sunday, after spectators left and night set in there was lots of drumming and conversating.

      Deffinitely had more fun this year than any other,
      And the way they had the dancers kinda snake thru veterens since there were so many was a really good plan. Worked well for us paying out honor.


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        I want to take my dad to that next year. I always miss him and wish he were there when the veterans are honored. He might be the only WWII vet.


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          You totally should neling, if you plan to go let me know, you should camp out cuz the real fun goes down after gates close for evening ;)


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            BTW Harvest Moon Honoring our Veterens is Sept. 12 & 13
            That might be nice to take him to also =)


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