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Left-handed women dancers

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  • Left-handed women dancers

    Have any of the women ever received any grief because they carry their fans in their left hand and their shawl over their right arm? I've seen some women in powwow videos do this and I've had friends ask why they dance that way, not considering the fact that they could be left-handed.
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    I'm left handed and I dance both ways sometimes I hold my fan in the left sometimes I hold it in the right depends on what I am doing... IE: if I am head dancing then you will see me with my shawl on my left arm and my fan on my right so as not to confuse some of the newer dancers that follow everything that the head lady does... if I am just another ndn at a gathering then generally you'll find me with my fan in my left hand..... if I am wearing my traditonal Cherokee regalia then you will find me with my match coat over my left arm and my fan in my left hand (if I am even carrying it) and my basket in the right one....

    As long as you aren't dancing a contest then I don't think that it really matters. No one has ever told me that I can't carry my fan in my left hand....
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      I dance with my fan in my right hand, but automatically pick it up in my left and then realize I am backwards to everyone else. I thought I was alone in my lefty tendancies :( I am ambidextrous so the switch isn't a big deal...I can even pitch ledt or right in baseball...the batters always hated that in my younger days


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        Im a lefty and ive ALWAYS carried my shawl over my left arm and held my fan with my rite. Never even thought of doing it any other way...
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          I've seen a few dancers who place their fan in their left hand and carry their shawl in their right.

          My daughter is a lefty, so she dances this way, too. It's all about comfort.
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            I play cards on Friday's wiith the IHS boys (guys who work at the Indian Health Service). We take turns in rotation dealing each hand and each hand is "dealers choice." First we anney. Then call the game we're going to play. Then what the wild card(s), if any, will be.

            This coming Friday, when it is my turn to deal I am going to call "Five card draw. Left handed women dancers - WILD!"


            (We use cards from Indian casinos)
            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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              My granny was a lefty; I never even thought about questioning it. If I were left handed, I would imagine that is the hand I would use for my fan. People just like to b.... about stuff that ain't no business of theirs.


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                I like to carry my fan on the right and shawl on my left, I copy EaglePlumes. But i got more bounce than she does. Because my thong gives me a horrible wedgie............
                I wannabe cool.....2


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                  Glad you all got that all straightened out, I've been wondering about that for a long time. I thought it was one of those mysteries that would never be solved, or something only the truly mystic would know about.

                  There's another thing that's been bugging me. Why is it when they have the Fancy Shawl dance, there is this one dancer that always dances with just the shawl over here arm, and the other sometimes holding a fan, left or right, or vice versa? The other dancers are going wild, twirling their shawls around, kicking real high, doing fancy steps, and she's just doing her thing with the shawl on her arm and the fan, left hand/right hand? Is it some kind of symbolic thing? Is she just being a wisenhiemer? What's the deal?

                  Oh yeah, this other thing. I was at Red Earth 2009. During the dance off for the Women's Fancy Shawl dance. One of the dancers dropped, or part of her regalia fell off, maybe a feather, couldn't see from the tape. Somebody picked it up. Does that mean she was disqualified, and the other automatically won? Does anyone have the inside dope on that one? Seems like a 5 yard penalty ought to be good enough for something like that, could happen to anyone, not like it was intentional.


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