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Sisseton Wahpeton Wacipi 2009

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  • Sisseton Wahpeton Wacipi 2009

    Anyone got any info on this pow wow?

    "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."

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    142nd Annual 4th of July Wacipi

    July 2, 2009 to July 5, 2009
    Agency Village, SD

    Jerry Dearly
    Vince Beyl

    Arena Director
    Gabe Desrosiers
    Nathan Smith

    Host Drums
    Meskwaki Nation

    Invited Drums
    Big Bear
    Blackfoot Confederacy
    Black Bear Crossing
    Northern Wind
    North Buffalo
    Wild Rose
    Standing Horse
    Yankton Sioux
    Ft. Peck Sioux

    More than $125,000 in Prize Money

    Admission Fees:$5 Weekend Pass & $2 Day Pass

    Meals served at 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    SWO Princess Kamimina Heminger Teen Girls Fancy Shawl Special

    SWO Jr. Princess Raven Shepherd Girls Special

    Men's Fancy Dance Special
    in Honor of Hazen P. Shepherd
    1st place-$2000, Horse, Star Quilt & 2 Consolation Prizes

    Men's Grass Dance Special
    in Honor of Dion Bernard
    1st place-$500 & Star Quilt, 2nd place-$400, 3rd place-$300, 4th place-$200

    Women's Jingle Dress Special
    in Honor of Evangeline Brant and Seeva Decoteau-Sartwell
    1st place-$300 & Jacket, 2nd place-$200, 3rd place-$100

    Men's Grass Dance Special in Honor of Garrett White 1st place-$500, 2nd place-$300, 3rd place-$200

    Sandman Honor Guard Blowout Special in Honor of Sandman Princesses
    Women's and Teen Girls Special

    Darrell Frenier Memorial Singing Contest ($3,000 Total Prize Money)

    5K Road Race in Honor of Dion Bernard
    1st Place-$300 & Jacket, 2nd place-$150 & pullover, 3rd place-$75 & Sweater

    31st Annual "Big" Jim Crawford Men's and Co-Ed Softball Tournament
    (Co-Ed July 3-4, Men's July 4-5)

    24 Hour Security Provided at the PowWow Grounds

    No alcohol or drugs allowed

    The PowWow Committee not responsible for accidents, theft, or lack of funds

    Invited Drums Only

    $15,000 Drum Split for SWO Local Drums Only

    Prize Money Details
    Jr Adults(18-34)/Sr Adults 35-49/Golden Age 50+
    1st place-$1000
    2nd place-$800
    3rd place-$600
    4th place-$400
    5th place-$200

    1st place-$500
    2nd place-$400
    3rd place-$300
    4th place-$200
    5th place-$100

    1st place-$300
    2nd place-$200
    3rd place-$100
    4th place-$75
    5th place-$50

    Moccassin Tournament
    1st place-$2500
    2nd place-$1800
    3rd place-$1200
    4th place-$800
    5th place-$400


    Contest Coordinator & Calendar Admin
    [email protected]


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      sisseton p dub

      do points start thursday or friday. this will determine if we stay all weekend or just stop check it out and go on to the mutha land.


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        Points start Friday with the 1 o'clock Grand Entry....

        Contest Coordinator & Calendar Admin
        [email protected]


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          hmm, sounds like a good powwow, might have to change my plans now


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            Originally posted by ndnsooner View Post
            Points start Friday with the 1 o'clock Grand Entry....
            thanks for the info, mike. matt


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              anyone have the winners?????


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                Originally posted by thizgirlpowwows View Post
                anyone have the winners?????
                Yeah I am still waiting to hear who placed. Anyone??


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                  :::::who won??? anyone



                  ..Estayapi..Mandaree..BLACKSTONE ..HIGHNOON..


                  LynxClan..N0rtheRnCree..Tatae`Topaw..MeskwakiNatio n..

                  Eva-Hey Nakota
                  NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
                  RIP lil brother


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                    no one showed up LOL


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                      Hazen Shepherd Fancy Dance special

                      1st Jazz Bearstail
                      2nd Spike Draper
                      3rd Doug Schofield

                      and the Heyoka's came out during the honor song for this special. Any drum in the arbor that was "flat" was whistled up by them, and any drum left unattended had its sticks thrown.

                      Mandaree pulled out an old Ponca ruffle for the final song of the special.

                      480 registered at Saturday night grand entry. Most people at the Sisseton powwow are at Red Lake right now, except those of us who have to work this week.


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