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Winners @ Cherokee,NC powwow??????????

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  • Winners @ Cherokee,NC powwow??????????

    So does N-E one know the winners at this powwow???????????

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    I know some of them, but not all.

    Hoss Tramper won first for Sr. Mens straight dancing.

    Mandy Swift (last name?) won first (I believe it was for womens fancy)

    Manda Grant won first for Girls (I beleive Jingle )

    Audja Swift (last name?) won first for girls traditional

    Melissa Montoya won first

    And Stoney Creek was the winner of the drum contest.

    I was there the whole weekend, but was visiting when the winner's were announced, but was right there as they all went by to get their pay. LOL


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      Josh Hill won the Daniel French Memorial Fancy Dance contest and Eric Bird took 2nd.
      I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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        Southern Singin Contest - 1st Sizza Creek, 2nd East Point, 3rd Southern Eagle
        Northern Singin Contest - 1st Stoney Creek, 2nd awohali, 3rd Warclub

        Mens Tradish - 1st Will Tushka, 2nd RJ Smith, 3rd Tony Walkingstick
        Mens Grass - 1st Marty Thurman, 2nd Micah Swimmer, 3rd Keith Sharphead
        Mens Fancy - 1st Eric Bird, 2nd Josh Hill (?), 3rd ???

        Chicken Dance Special - Marty Thurman
        Grass Dance Special - Marty Thurman

        thats all i can remember

        overall a purty good powwow. now if the powers that be will leave it on the grass i think it will only get better over the years.
        Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


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          Cherokee July Pow Wow Winners List

          Southern Drum –
          1st – Sizza Creek – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – East Point – Canton, Ga.
          3rd – Southern Eagle – Maxton, NC

          Northern Drum
          1st – Stoney Creek – Macon, NC
          2nd – Awohali – Cherokee, NC
          3rd – War Club – Hayward, Wisc.

          Golden Age Men –
          1st – Larry Liles – Lawton, Okla.
          2nd – Wilson Roberts – Ada, Okla.
          3rd – Josiah James Hill II – Falls Church, Va.

          Men’s Traditional –
          1st – Will Tushka – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Robert J. Smith – Hayward, Wisc.
          3rd – Anthony C. Lett – Auburn, Ga.

          Men’s Straight
          1st – Robert Tramper – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Rafael Silva – Greensboro, NC
          3rd – Oliver Plumley – Norman, Okla.

          Men’s Grass –
          1st – Marty Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          2nd – Micah Swimmer – Lawrence, Kan.
          3rd – Keith Sharphead – Jacksonville, Fla.

          Men’s Fancy
          1st – Eric Bird – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Josh Hill – York, Penn.
          3rd – Gabe Bullock – Livingston, TX

          Golden Age Women
          1st – Sharon Roberts – Ada, Okla.
          2nd – Bernice Bottchenbaugh – Cherokee, NC
          3rd – Sharon Partin – Lawrenceville, Ga.

          Women’s Northern Traditional –
          1st – Melissa Montoya – Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
          2nd – Nikki Crisp – Knoxville, Tenn.
          3rd – Siouxsan Robinson – Franklin, Tenn.

          Women’s Southern Traditional –
          1st – Sophia Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          2nd – Mary Wildcat – Pawhuska, Okla.
          3rd – Randi Lynn Attocknie-Santos – Ardmore, Okla.

          Women’s Jingle Dress –
          1st – Maia Montoya-Pego – Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
          2nd – Jennifer Jones – Carrollton, Ga.
          3rd – Wenonah Bird – Shepherd, Mich.

          Women’s Fancy –
          1st – Shibabe Hodge – Welling, Okla.
          2nd – Katy Isennock – York, Penn.
          3rd – Michelle Reed – Crestview, Fla.

          Teen Boys Traditional
          1st – Sean C. Jones – Pembroke, NC

          Teen Boys Grass
          1st – Josh Trejo – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Skylar Bottchenbaugh – Cherokee, NC
          3rd – Trey Two Fox Bullock – Livingston, TX

          Teen Boys Fancy –
          1st – Angel Bullock – Livingston, TX
          2nd – Boye Ladd, Jr. – Black River Falls, Wisc.
          3rd – T.J. Plummer – Cherokee, NC

          Jr. Boys Traditional
          1st – Teoikey Richardson – Warrenton, NC
          2nd – Lesharo Wildcat – Pawhuska, Okla.
          3rd – Delsin Weaver – Saraland, Ala.

          Jr. Boys Grass –
          1st – Jaylon LaPlante – Santee, Neb.
          2nd – Jonas Trejo – Cherokee, NC
          3rd – Robert Smith – Hayward, Wisc.

          Jr. Boys Fancy –
          1st – Sherman A. Addi – Meridan, Conn.
          2nd – Tyler Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          3rd – E.J. Plainbull – Greensboro, NC

          Teen Girls Traditional
          1st – Kele Crisp – Knoxville, Tenn.
          2nd – Shanoah Miller – Bancroft, Neb.
          3rd – Sareva Liles – Lawton, Okla.

          Teen Girls Jingle Dress
          1st – Amanda Grant – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Shauni Bird – Charlotte, NC

          Teen Girls Fancy
          1st - Wynonna Swift – Tacoma, Wash.
          2nd – Taylor Williams – Lawrence, Kan.
          3rd – Angelina Jumper – Kennesaw, Ga.

          Jr. Girls Traditional
          1st – Veronica Repine-Mares – Duluth, Ga.
          2nd – No-La Pina – Cherokee, NC

          Jr. Girls Jingle Dress
          1st – Kimmemelah Perkins – Cherokee, NC
          2nd – Lacey Lee Haywahe – Carrollton, Ga.
          3rd – Lakota Dodging-Horse – Franklin, Tenn.

          Jr. Girls Fancy
          1st – Miigwaans Smith – Hayward, Wisc.
          2nd – Kevonna Tushka – Cherokee, NC
          3rd – Fancy Partin – Carrollton, Ga.

          Dance Specials –
          Tator Dance (Male) – Matthew S. Tozer – Worcester, Mass.
          Tator Dance (Female) – Sandra Wrape – Lafayette, Ga.
          Teen Girls Jingle Dress – Shanoah Miller – Bancroft, Neb.
          Jr. Girls Jingle Dress – Lacey Lee Haywahe – Carrollton, Ga.
          Teen Boys Grass – Josh Trejo – Cherokee, NC
          Jr. Boys Grass – Tyler Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          Chicken Dance – Keith Sharphead – Jacksonville, Fla.
          Jingle Dress – Maia Montoya-Pego – Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
          Grass Dance – Marty Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          Fancy Shawl – Michelle Reed – Crestview, Fla.
          Two Step – Marty and Sophia Thurman – Shawnee, Okla.
          Smoke Dance (Male) – Donville J. Ross – Wildwood, Ga.
          Smoke Dance (Woman) – Nikki Crisp – Knoxville, Tenn.
          Hand Drum – The Crew – Saskatchewan, Canada
          Daniel French Memorial Fancy Dance Contest –
          1st – Josh Hill – York, Penn.
          2nd – Eric Bird – Cherokee, NC
          I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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