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Red Lake Independence Day Celebration Winners List

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  • Red Lake Independence Day Celebration Winners List

    Well here it is, the 2009 Winners list, with specials:

    Jr. Girls Traditional
    1st - Nichole Nordwall
    2nd - Tara Fiddler
    3rd - Jovena Scabby Robe
    4th - Paan Pai Roberts

    Jr. Girls Jingle
    1st - Sierra White
    2nd - Aidyn Nevaquoia
    3rd - Athena Cloud
    4th - Grace White

    Jr. Girls Fancy
    1st - Oke-Tw'sha Roberts
    2nd - Amayah Kingbird
    3rd - Kianna White
    4th - Mariah Leavitt

    Jr. Boys Traditional
    1st - Robert Mo
    2nd - Jamon Paskemin
    3rd - Mozy White
    4th - Micah Cozad

    Jr. Boys Grass
    1st - Mason Kingbird
    2nd - Gabe Derosiers Jr.
    3rd - Therien Paskemin
    4th - Tri'eih Scabby Robe

    Jr. Boys Fancy
    1st - Delano Cleveland
    2nd - David Cleveland
    3rd - Keanu Noon
    4th - Silas White Buffalo

    Teen Girl's Traditional
    1st - Verlina Black Kettle
    2nd - Jade Gustafson
    3rd - Raina Nelson
    4th - Danielle Long Claws

    Teen Girl's Jingle
    1st - Shay Derosiers
    2nd - Sadie Kingbird
    3rd - Ryanne White
    4th - Mallory Oakes

    Teen Girls Fancy
    1st - T'ata Roberts
    2nd - Laryn Oakes
    3rd - Kinew Derosiers
    4th - Quinne Goodwin

    Teen Boys Traditional
    1st - Adakai Hindsley
    2nd - Darius Isnana
    3rd - Zane Tacan
    4th - Dwight Littlejohn

    Teen Boys Grass
    1st - Alex Copenace
    2nd - Peanutt Roberts
    3rd - Creighton Scabby Robe
    4th - Johnny Johnson

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st - Terrance Cleveland
    2nd - Courage Cleveland
    3rd - Mitchell Baker
    4th - David Tyndall

    Teen Boys Chicken
    1st - Matthew Whitecloud
    2nd - Tyson Henry
    3rd - Bryce Keyick
    4th - Travis Henry

    Jr. Womens Traditional
    1st - Danita Goodwill
    2nd - Cheyenne Fiddler
    3rd - Tierra Labelle
    4th - Esther St. John

    Jr. Womens Jingle
    1st - Ahneekah Topsky
    2nd - Shawna Olson
    3rd - Stephanie Nordwall
    4th - Gabrielle Knife

    Jr. Womens Fancy
    1st - Jocy Bird
    2nd - Patricia Bugg
    3rd - Nyomi Cleveland
    4th - Rose Track

    Jr. Mens Traditional
    1st - Wendell Powless
    2nd - Eli Snow
    3rd - Ryan Gustafson
    4th - Chaske LaBlanc

    Jr. Mens Grass
    1st - Adam Nordwall
    2nd - Bryson Lonechild
    3rd - Zack Redbear
    4th - AJ Redman

    Jr. Mens Fancy
    1st - Spike Draper
    2nd - Kenny Pratt
    3rd - Rylan Baker
    4th - White Coyote Holy Bull

    Jr. Mens Chicken
    1st - Nelson Baker
    2nd - Dakota McGurk
    3rd - Rooster Topsky
    4th - Dan Jourdain

    Sr. Womens Traditional
    1st - Kellie Mae Downwind
    2nd - Angie Hindsley
    3rd - Andrea Redman
    4th - Rowena Roberts

    Sr. Womens Jingle
    1st - Bonnie Rock Thunder
    2nd - Melinda Whitecloud
    3rd - Alanna Tootoosis-Baker
    4th - Vickie Hindsley

    Sr. Womens Fancy
    1st - Crystal Cleveland
    2nd - Irene Oakes
    3rd - Lisa Ewalk - Noon
    4th - Shelly Bointy

    Sr. Mens Traditional
    1st - Leon Old Elk - Stewart
    2nd - Kevin Tacan
    3rd - Edmond Nevaquaya
    4th - Harry Gegwetch

    Sr. Mens Grass
    1st - Randall Paskemin
    2nd - Sidrick Baker
    3rd - Rolad Heminger
    4th - Gabe Derosiers

    Sr. Mens Fancy
    1st - Michael Roberts
    2nd - Jerry Cleveland Jr.
    3rd - Wayne Silas Jr.
    4th - Dwight Whitebuffalo

    Sr. Mens Chicken
    1st - Bobby Badger
    2nd - Richard Street
    3rd - Stacy Makes Good
    4th - Mike Gubbard(Congratrs ndnsooner!!!)

    Golden Age Womens Traditional
    1st - Vera Kingbird
    2nd - Dianne McKay
    3rd - Louise Scabby Robe
    4th - Andrea St. John

    Golden Age Womens jingle/Fancy Combined
    1st - Karen Pheasant
    2nd - Evelyn Tom
    3rd - Carol Barrett
    4th - Hazel Joseph

    Golden Age Mens Traditional
    1st - Terry Fiddler
    2nd - Nathan Smith
    3rd - Charles Hindsley
    4th - James Redeagle

    Golden Age Mens Grass/Fancy Combined
    1st - Ivan Lonechild
    2nd - William Hindsley
    3rd - Darrell Goodwill
    4th - Stanley Bird

    Committee Singing Contest
    1st - Battle River
    2nd - Mandaree
    3rd - Young Kingbird
    4th - Black Bear Crossing

    Hand Drum Contest
    1st - Better Fellaz
    2nd - Mandaree
    3rd - Good Fellaz

    Back-Up Singing Contest
    1st - Cheyenne Knife - Bear Clan
    2nd - Tracey & Latrishia Scabby Robe/Brittney Hunter - Blacklodge
    3rd - Rae Dawn & Tasheena Bison - Battle River

    Singers Basketball Tournament
    1st - Young Kingbird
    2nd - Battle River
    3rd - Bear Clan

    Moccasin Game Tournament
    1st - James Nelson/Jason Henry
    2nd - Larry Van Wert
    3rd - Charles Grolla
    4th - Jon Prentice

    Clown Dance
    1st - Peter "Tito" Ybarra
    2nd - Matt Kingbird
    3rd - Travis Debungie
    4th - Gary Mantec

    Mens Chicken Dance Special
    1st - Rooster Topsky
    2nd - Nelson Baker
    3rd - Randall Paskemin
    4th - Dakota McGurk

    Mens Fancy Dance Special
    1st - Spike Draper
    2nd - Jerry Cleveland Jr.
    3rd - Rylan Baker
    4th - White Coyote Holy Bull
    Droplets of Yes and No in an Ocean of Maybe...

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    right on..congrats to all the winners and to ndnsooner whoot whoot.....


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      thanks guys....

      Congrats to ndnMSW & 53lone for placing as well.

      Thanks for keeping us entertained Rezdawg.

      Great job on the sound sneekapeek...

      Contest Coordinator & Calendar Admin
      [email protected]


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        Micah Cozad

        Congrads to my boy Micah Cozad, hes been doing good thus far on the trail. Im a very proud ma ma!


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