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Grand River "Champion of Champions" Powwow Winners 2009

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  • Grand River "Champion of Champions" Powwow Winners 2009

    Here are the winners from the 2009 powwow.
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes or errors, was kinda hard to hear.
    Good weekend despite the rain!

    Jr Girls Tradish
    5th- ? Cook # 175
    4th- Haylee Anderson
    3rd- Dehmin Cleland
    2nd- Maddie Douglas
    1st- Nicole Nordwall

    Jr Girls Jingle
    5th- Niibishens Trudeau
    4th- Adalia Plain
    3rd- Maya Schuyler
    2nd- Adrianna Douglas
    1st- Waskwane Stonefish

    Jr Girls Fancy
    5th- Maya Sky
    4th- Niki Dashner
    3rd- Alison Doxtator
    2nd- Kristin Martin
    1st- Beedoskah Stonefish

    Jr Girls Smoke
    5th- Jewel Montour
    4th- Liz Crow
    3rd- Ariana Smith
    2nd- Mahgee Emartle
    1st- Hannah ?

    Jr Boys Tradish
    5th- Kenu Cleland
    4th- Hayden Shears
    3rd- Sparrow ?
    2nd- Shane Cameron Jr
    1st- Talon White Eye

    Jr Boys Grass
    5th- Mason Sands
    4th- Chayton Hedgepeth
    3rd- Charles Lasley
    2nd- Gavin White Eye
    1st- Luke Simon

    Jr Boys Fancy
    5th- Tyler Dashner
    4th- Alex Wrightman
    3rd- Cyrus Sinopole
    2nd- ? Sands
    1st- Jacob Martin

    Jr Boys Smoke
    5th- ? Elijah
    4th- Lyndin Hill
    3rd- ?
    2nd- ?
    1st- Keelan Green
    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~

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    Teen Winners

    Teen Girls Tradish
    5th-? Nicholas
    4th- Ashley Maness
    3rd- Makayla Webkamigad
    2nd- Robi Williams
    1st- Cassidi Webkamigad

    Teen Girls Jingle
    5th- Chelsea Recollet
    4th- Katelyn Douglas
    3rd- Shay Schuyler
    2nd- Keysa parker
    1st- Cheyenne White

    Teen Girls Fancy
    5th- Kristal Hill
    4th- ?
    3rd- Jules Bird
    2nd- Rachael Simon
    1st- Hallie Snake

    Teen Girls Smoke
    5th- Sierra Hill
    4th- Jamie Doxtator
    3rd- Kayley Thomas
    2nd- Montana Jamieson
    1st- Brittany Cayuga

    Teen Boys Tradish
    5th- Brandon ?
    4th- Joseph Harper
    3rd- Jonathan Johns
    2nd- Brandon ?
    1st- Nodin Cotrelle

    Teen Boys Grass
    5th- ?
    4th- David Elijah
    3rd- David?
    2nd- Quinton ?
    1st- Lightning Clark

    Teen Boys Fancy
    3rd-Brayden Doxtator
    2nd- Anthony Klein
    1st- Jojo Maness

    Teen Boys Smoke
    5th- ?
    4th- Gavin Summers
    3rd- Jake George
    2nd- Mason Phillips
    1st- Greg Phillips
    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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      Adult Winners

      Womens Tradish
      5th- Tara Trudeau
      4th- Crystal Recollet (Dance off with Tara)
      3rd- Sara Loft
      2nd- Vanny Wheelock
      1st- Tierra Labelle

      Womens Jingle
      5th- Jasmine Phillips
      4th- Paula Hedgepeth
      3rd- Cheyenne Petoskey
      2nd- Challis Isaac
      1st-Chantel Dustyhorn

      Womens Fancy
      5th- Rain Williams
      4th- Zelda Elijah
      3rd- Val Parker
      2nd- Tracy Recollet
      1st- Lisa Odjig

      Womens Smoke
      5th- Monica Papineau?
      4th- Naomi Powless
      3rd- Reese Bomberry
      2nd- Tia Nicole Smith
      1st- Emily Regis

      Golden Age Women
      5th- Rev. Evelyn White Eye
      4th- Joann Whitehouse
      3rd- Debbie Plain
      2nd- Karen Pheasant
      1st- Sharon Roberts (Dance off with Karen)

      Mens Tradish
      5th- Myron Denning
      4th- Jr Johnathan
      3rd- Eli Snow
      2nd- Devan Kicknosway
      1st- Will Hedgepeth

      Mens Grass
      5th- DJ Whitehouse
      4th- David Trudeau
      3rd- Ronnie Preston
      2nd- Adam Nordwall
      1st- Matt Pheasant

      Mens Fancy
      5th- Sam Lefthand
      4th- Dallas Sinopole
      3rd- Tyrone Shawanda
      2nd- Wes Cleland
      1st- Jason Whitehouse

      Mens Smoke
      5th- Adam Shenandoah
      4th- Ike Hopper
      3rd- Trevor Jones
      2nd- Jordan Smith
      1st- Lyle Anderson

      Golden Age Men
      5th- John Hodson
      4th- Sherman Butler
      3rd- Mike King
      2nd- Mike Dashner
      1st- Ray Trudeau

      Golden Age Men Smoke
      3rd- Clayton Logan
      2nd- ? Green
      1st- Al George

      Hoop Dance Special
      5th- Nimkii Osawamick
      4th- Shane ?
      3rd- Beedoskah Stonefish
      2nd- Cheyenne Petoskey
      1st- Waskwane Stonefish

      Drum Contest
      Consolation - K Town, Nahee
      5th- A Tribe Called Micmac
      4th- Taabik
      3rd- Crazy Spirit (1 pt difference between CS & Taabik)
      2nd- Whitefish Jrs
      1st- White Tail Cree, 947 Points
      ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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