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  • Oglala Nation 2009

    Anyone have info on this pow wow? This weekend? Heard them announce at Post Falls, but only one special, Woman's tradish special, but are there any other ones?

    Is adults split? Jr and Sr. adult?

    kmon, thizgurl....spill the beans!

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    check here...

    2009 OLN Pow Wow
    I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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      you know you will be down here tradancur you have no choice, i have a poster lying around here at work, but i dont think it has the prize money on it, i have to call the tribal office


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        Oh hell yeah, I have a choice...I might ditch and go Rocky Boy! lol......JOSH!!!! as you guys say....hahaha! We got a room at casino for 3 nights, for kids swimming...

        Is there JR. SR. adults this year?


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          yeah right, you will be down here, i dont know if there are split categories i will call the tribal office tomorrow and find out, i was in meetings all day long,


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            okay this is the info that i got from the tribal office

            age categories
            18-39 Men (tradish, fancy, grass) women (jingle, fancy, tradish)
            55+ combined categories

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              Originally posted by thizgirlpowwows View Post
              okay this is the info that i got from the tribal office

              age categories
              18-39 Men (tradish, fancy, grass) women (jingle, fancy, tradish)
              55+ combined categories


              dang... so they changed the age categories this year huh?? wonder what brought that on

              You can't double team a Triple Threat

              The Black Hills are NOT for sale

              ps. i'm still the greatest~n i'm prettylol


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                IDK, but thats what I was told........see you there BnS


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                  okay where do i begin lol.......there were 32 drums total and about 380 dancers, it was DUSTY!!!!! especially the last day and the powwow ended about 2:30 in the morning, but here's the winners, couldnt hear all the names

                  golden age men
                  1st-avery thompson
                  2nd-david yazzie
                  3rd-winifred "sugar bear" red cloud
                  4th-fred stands
                  5th-robert two crow

                  golden age women
                  1st-mary yazzie
                  2nd-carmen clairmont
                  3rd-yolanda two two/tutu ???
                  4th-sandra black bear
                  5th-millie black bear

                  sr. mens grass
                  1st-roland heminger
                  2nd-terry martinez
                  3rd-norman roach
                  4th-mike one star sr.
                  5th-phillip whiteman

                  sr. womens jingle
                  1st-denise one star
                  2nd-linda one feather
                  3rd-duanna red elk
                  4th-joann lerner
                  5th-carolyn new holy

                  sr. mens tradish
                  1st-david lee
                  2nd-aaron big knife
                  3rd-AC no braid
                  4th-pat iron cloud
                  5th-ira colhoff

                  sr. women tradish
                  1st-rochelle bull head
                  2nd-daida lays bad
                  3rd-maxine broken nose
                  4th-aj no braid
                  5th-maxine pipe on head

                  sr. womens fancy
                  1st-cody high elk
                  2nd-gracie red shirt-tyon
                  3rd-ramona roach
                  4th-lynette two bulls
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                    traditional singing contest
                    1st-creek side singers
                    2nd-eagle mountain
                    3rd-red leaf

                    jr. mens fancy
                    1st-eric shepard
                    2nd-canku one star
                    3rd-nick demarce
                    4th-kevin eagle heart
                    5th-marlon kelly

                    jr. women fancy
                    1st-helene gaddy
                    2nd-lisa bear robe
                    3rd-taylor spoonhunter-mccauley
                    4th-jessie big crow
                    5th-jessica eagle hawk

                    jr. mens grass
                    1st-buck spotted tail
                    2nd-jon taken alive
                    3rd-cante knight
                    4th-mike one star jr.
                    5th-zack two bulls

                    jr. womens jingle
                    1st-adrianna rouillard
                    2nd-alice phelps
                    3rd-saige pourier
                    4th-marlina (sp?) bad yellow hair
                    5th-chepa two bulls (two eagle)

                    jr. mens tradish
                    1st-mj bull bear
                    2nd-wes new holy
                    3rd-chad kills crow
                    4th-? gaddy
                    5th-jimmy peters

                    jr. womens tradish
                    1st-delmarina one feather
                    2nd-tara trijullo
                    3rd-anna shields-diaz
                    4th-trina lone hill
                    5th-marissa ?


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                      woo hoo!! you are good thisgirl!!!

                      You can't double team a Triple Threat

                      The Black Hills are NOT for sale

                      ps. i'm still the greatest~n i'm prettylol


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                        Og Nashhh

                        Yeah, still sneezing dust out of my nose, but it was a good pwow and we got back around 6pm last night. We took a longer way home thinkin it was but made it safely. The win was good and really helped out! Much Thanks to the Lakota people! Enjoyed the good traditional singing over there to. Don't get to hear that anywhere else but Pine Ridge!


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                          thanks Ballin n shawlin, more winners

                          mens chicken dance special
                          1st-aaron big knife
                          2nd-chad kills crow
                          3rd-robert twiss (?)

                          boot n hat special
                          1st-mike one star sr
                          2nd-phillip whiteman
                          3rd-calsee HNH

                          teen girls fancy
                          1st-igni wi white
                          2nd-jamie white face
                          3rd-vonna blacksmith
                          4th-natisha wagner
                          5th-kayla two bulls

                          teens boys fancy
                          1st-dwight kelly
                          2nd-neil sheridan jr
                          3rd-caleb her many horses
                          4th-maza hand
                          5th-tyree sauntasee (sp?) sorry

                          teen girls jingle
                          1st-calsee HNH
                          2nd-rayanne white
                          3rd-lynsey new holy
                          4th-alaina clifford
                          5th-prairie rose ? (didnt catch the last name)

                          teen boys grass
                          1st-john black bear III
                          2nd-? (couldnt hear)
                          3rd-patrick iron cloud
                          4th-trey larvie
                          5th-severt sheridan

                          teen girls traditional
                          1st-daisa one feather
                          2nd-sharla harris
                          3rd-telana two bulls
                          4th-cante heminger
                          5th-tyler weston


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