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39th Annual Poarch Creek Indians Thanksgiving Pow-Wow

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  • 1badazzndn
    Results and Gratitude

    First let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Alex Alvarez. I serve as the Cultural Educator for the tribe and teach Muscogee Creek language as well as half a billion other things lol including our powwow club, which teaches local boys and girls how to dance and make regalia.

    This was my very first time ever running a contest for a powwow. Didnt really want that responsibility, but it kind of fell in my lap. I have been going to powwows as a singer and dancer most of my life, but have never "ran" one, so it was a huge learning experience for me.

    Sandy, thanks for your kind words. They have helped give me fuel to make it that much better next year.

    Thanks to all the dancers, singers, and spectators who came. We ended up with 8 drums and 270 or so dancers, which is really big for Southwest Alabama.

    I cannot think of all the names off the top of my head but will do my best. I hope to see everyone again next year and this time bring a friend!

    Southern Drum Contest
    1. Sizzortail
    2. East Point
    3. Blackbear
    Consolations: Red Road and Southern Pine

    Northern Drum Contest
    1. Midnite Express
    2. MGM
    3. Medicine Tail

    Senior Men 45 + Traditional/Straight
    1. Larry McCurtain
    2. John Butler
    3. Rick Bottchenbaugh
    4. Jess Oosawhe

    Senior Men 45 + Fancy/Grass
    1. Pat Pacheco
    2. Chumsey Harjo
    3. Douglas Daughtry

    Senior Women 45 + Traditional
    1. Sandy Harris
    2. Charlotte McCurtain
    3/4 Bernice Bottchenbaugh

    18-44 Women's Cloth
    1. Lynn Thurman
    4. Bridget Buckley

    18-44 Women's Fancy
    1. Michelle Tsosie
    2. Shebabe Hodge
    4. Michelle Reed

    18-44 Men's Straight
    1. Aaron Partin
    2. Erwin Morris
    3. Angelo Normand

    1. Dana Warrington
    2. Will Tuska
    3. Hunter Blassingame
    4. Notah Wahpepah??

    1. Marty Thurman
    2. DJ Yaholar
    3. Keith Sharphead
    4. Leland Thompson

    1. Eric Bird
    2. Travis Lovett
    3. Gabe Bullock
    4. Marcus Thompson

    Specials 1,000 winner take all

    Chicken-Marty Thurman
    Fancy-Eric Bird
    Jingle-Brittany Yaholar
    Traditional-Dana Warrington
    Cloth-Lynn Thurman
    55+ Cloth: Charlotte McCurtain
    55+Traditional/Straight: Rick Bottchenbaugh

    All in all seems like everyone had a good time. It was cold at night time but other than that I think things went well. See you all on the trail

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  • sltate
    This was a nice pow wow...the staff was great and the committee was very hospitable....they gave all the dancers and singers buffet passes to eat Thursday and worked it out so the pow wow was over and we could all head to the buffet in plenty of time. It was very cold but other than that it was alot of fun and I will go again. They had drawings on Friday for $500, every hour and it progressed to a $3000 dollar at the end of the pow wow. We had alot of dancing and singing and the specials were exciting.

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  • ugidali
    yeah I heard

    Didn't get to go this year but I'll try again next year.

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  • Bamcubz

    My husband and I went this year enjoying the dancing, singing and all the vendors had interesting and beautiful items. I have been attending this Pow Wow for the past 6 years and I think it gets bigger and better each year.

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  • ac_miss
    We're actually gonna be there this year. I haven't been there in so long. Probably about 12-15 years ago.

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  • 39th Annual Poarch Creek Indians Thanksgiving Pow-Wow

    39th Anuual Poarch Creek Indians Thanksgiving Pow-Wow
    November 26 & 27, 2009
    Atmore, Alabama

    Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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