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  • **Summer_June**

    Men's Golden Age
    5th David Eagle
    4th John Hodson
    3rd John Sherry
    2nd Ted White Sr.
    1st Larry Gabow

    Women's Golden Age
    5th Marie Eshkibok
    4th Joannne Whitehouse
    3rd Vera Kingbird
    2nd Debbie Klein
    1st Sharon Roberts

    Women's Jingle Dress
    5th Karen Pheasant
    4th Paula Hedgepeth
    3rd Shannon Standing Rock
    2nd Challis Isaac
    1st Nitanis Kit Landry

    Women's Fancy

    5th Tracy Recollet
    4th Melinda Whitecloud
    3rd Lisa Odjig
    2nd Denelle Stanley
    1st Jocy Bird

    Women's Traditional
    5th Crystal Recollet
    4th Melissa Montoya
    3rd Alexis Goodstriker
    2nd Monica Raphael
    1st Tierra Labelle

    Mens Traditional
    5th Charles Belisle
    4th Edmond Nevaquaya
    3rd Eli Snow
    2nd Ryan Gustafson
    1st Jordan Williams White-Eye

    Mens Fancy
    5th Tyrone Shawana
    4th Josiah Hill
    3rd Wesley Cleland
    2nd Jason Whitehouse
    1st Nigel Schuyler

    Mens Grass
    4th David Trudeau
    4th DJ Whitehouse
    3rd Jesse Osawamick
    2nd Matthew Pheasant
    1st Quanah LaRose

    Teen Men Traditional
    5th Mitchell Thunderhair
    4th Brandon Davy
    3rd Nolan Smoke
    2nd Nodin Cottrelle
    1st Alec Big Canoe

    Teen Women Traditional
    5th Darien Nicholas
    4th Ashley Maness
    3rd Robi Williams
    2nd Makayla Webkamigad
    1st Tarlynn Tone Pah Hote

    Teen Boys Fancy
    4th Arlan George
    3rd Dallas John
    2nd Anthony Klein
    1st Jo-Jo Maness

    Teen Women Fancy

    5th Amber Asp-Chief
    4th Hallie Snake
    3rd Teshenna Dancy
    2nd Chelsey Recollet
    1st Laryn Oakes

    Teen Men Grass
    5th Jonathon Fox
    4th White-Lightning Clark
    3rd Jesse Gustafson
    2nd Timmy Johnson
    1st David Charette

    Teen Women Jingle Dress
    5th Cassidi Webkamigad
    4th Cheyenne White
    3rd Keysa Lee Parker
    2nd Mallary Oakes
    1st Ryanne White

    Girls Jingle Dress
    5th Niibishens Trudeau
    4th Adalia Plain
    3rd Adrianna Douglas
    2nd Tanisha Beetso
    1st Waskwane Stonefish

    Boys Grass
    5th Naakwaam Shawanda
    4th Skye Marion
    3rd Chayton Hedgepeth
    2nd Charles Lasley
    1st Gavin White-Eye

    Girls Traditional
    5th Caitlin Nickolas
    4th Haylee Anderson
    3rd Tuyla Oneida
    2nd Shanal OnePennee
    1st Madeline Douglas

    Boys Traditional
    5th Hayden Shears
    4th Buddy Tone-Pah-Hote
    3rd Shane Cameron Jr.
    2nd Noodin Shawanda
    1st Talon White-Eye

    Girls Fancy
    5th Ninah Hermiston
    4th Alexis Hill
    3rd Jadyn Bomberry
    2nd Kristen Martin
    1st Beedoskah Stonefish

    Boys Fancy
    5th Cyrus Storm Sinopole
    4th Jacob Martin
    3rd Braydon Doxtator
    2nd Happy Gokey
    1st Miisheen-Meegwun Shawanda

    Golden Age Men Smoke
    4th Clayton Logan
    3rd ?
    2nd Alfred Keye
    1st Alan George

    Adult Mens Smoke
    5th Trevor Jones
    4th Tekatsitsaneken Little Bear
    3rd Cameron Hill Sr.
    2nd Lyle Anderson
    1st Jordan Smith

    Boys Smoke (6-12)
    5th Jordan Smith II
    4th Jaden Parker
    3rd Lindyn Ryan Hill
    2nd Ascension Harjo
    1st Keelan Green

    Golden Age Women's Smoke
    5th Deanna Skye
    4th Donna Phillips
    3rd Gloria Sky
    2nd Rebecca Bowen
    1st Renee Thomas-Hill

    Women's Smoke (18+)
    5th Naomi Martin
    4th Jasmine R. House
    3rd Reese Bomberry
    2nd Emily Regis
    1st Valerie Parker

    Teen Women's Smoke
    5th Lanie Smith
    4th Brittany Jaeckle
    3rd Yegunahareeta Printup
    2nd Kany'tha Ireland (Emily)
    1st Jessica House

    Girl's Smoke
    5th Grace Crowe
    4th Malia Jacobs
    3rd Jewel Monture
    2nd Mah-gee Emarthle
    1st Hannah Jackle

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  • Strugganona
    I heard that CANAB signed a contract to have the pow wow there for 4 years.

    Parking SUCKED! We weren't an hour early, so we had to park blocks away. That was ruff trying to carry all our stuff.

    Also, it was STILL crazy expensive-ALL OF IT! Parking, admission, FOOD!

    It made me miss summer pow wows where Big lemonades were $1.00 for dancers, and it wasn't $6.00 for a lousy buffalo burger.

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  • chip
    Singing Contest Results

    1st - Whitetail Cree
    3rd - Whitefish Bay
    4th - Eagle Flight
    5th - Crazy Spirit

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  • Takin' Numbers
    Miss the Dome....

    I was there as a spectator on Saturday, and man was it packed - could barely get to eat my "baloney" and bannock! Congrats to the event staff for another awesome turnout! This powwow is always impressive.

    Guess we got spoiled with all that room at the Rogers/Dome, though.

    I heard rumors that this might be the last CANAB...I hope not! Think there is any chance of this getting back to Toronto?

    If anyone can post the rest of the contest results, that would be awesome!



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  • Strugganona

    I can't remember them all-but from what I do remember..and forgive me if I get the last names wrong.

    Women's Fancy
    1) Jocy Bird
    2)Denelle Stanley
    3)Lisa Odjig
    4)Melinda Whitecloud
    5)Tracy Recollet

    Women's Jingle
    1)Kit Landry
    2)Challis Isaac
    3)Shannon Standing Rock(im not sure what her last name is....)
    4)Paula Hedgepath
    5)Karen Pheasant

    Women's Traditional
    2)Monica Raphael
    3)________ Goodstricker
    4)Melissa Montoya
    5)Crystal Recollet

    Men's Fancy
    1)Nigel Schyler
    2)Jay Whitehouse
    3)Wes Cleland
    4)Jay Hill
    5) ?

    Men's Grass
    1)Quanah Larose
    2)Matt Pheasant
    3)Jesse Oswamik

    Men's Traditional
    1)Jordan Williams Whiteye
    5)Charles Belisle

    Women's Smoke
    1)Val Parker
    2)Emily Regis
    3)Reese Bomberry
    4)Jasmine House
    5)Naomi Martin

    Men's Smoke
    1)Jordan Smith
    2)Lyle Anderson
    3)Cam Hill
    5)Trevor Jones

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  • chazziff
    Originally posted by buckskin pantyhose View Post
    I need sum border crossing info...are they flat our requiring passports now? I've heard mixed things about going across, that a birth certificate is acceptable...any know?

    I really want to check this out especially since it isn't in TO this year!
    um as far as i know, canadian natives (registered/status/treaty..whatever you wanna call us) can still cross the border with a valid status card and a birth certificate. this is due to the Jay Treaty..

    as for american natives (generally not accepted as native to the canadian gov't and vice versa) think they will need a passport ....

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  • buckskin pantyhose
    I need sum border crossing info...are they flat our requiring passports now? I've heard mixed things about going across, that a birth certificate is acceptable...any know?

    I really want to check this out especially since it isn't in TO this year!

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  • Strugganona
    Ive checked the website-and it STILL hasn't even listed a Drum Coordinator. SOMEONE big ben me, please! ONly a few short weeks away

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  • chazziff
    when in doubt .... google people LOL

    Pow Wow

    Canadian Aboriginal Festival- The Largest Multi-Disciplined Aboriginal Arts Event In North America.

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  • mzlotsabearz
    Yeah!!!! i wanna know more bout this powwow... i wanna go... but have yet to see poster

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  • Strugganona
    started a topic 2009 CANAB Pow Wow, HAMILTON

    2009 CANAB Pow Wow, HAMILTON

    No ones posted anything bout this pow wow yet
    I heard a few things so far-but no confirmation. I didn't expect any thing on the website cuz it NEVER has any details.
    I HEARD that there's an Old Style Women's All-Around Special...but I also heard that there's a Contemp VS Old Style Fancy Shawl Special.
    ANYONE got the heads up?

    LET US KNOW! Im getting excited cuz I haven't been to this pow wow for a couple years..and now it's in Hamilton, so hopefully it'll be a lot cheaper than when it was in TO

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