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45th Annual Haliwa-Saponi Powwow April 16-18, 2010

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  • 45th Annual Haliwa-Saponi Powwow April 16-18, 2010

    45th Annual Haliwa-Saponi Powwow April 16-18, 2010
    130 Haliwa-Saponi Trail, Hollister, NC 27844

    Head Staff

    M.C.: Keith Colston
    Host Drum: Stoney Creek
    Head Dancers - Pernell Richardson, Cindi Maria Richardson
    Jr. Head Dancers - Nathan Richardson, Morgan Copeland (Ms. Haliwa-Saponi 2009-2010
    Head Judge: Marty Richardson
    Arena Director: Joseph Reggie Lynch

    Dance and Drum Registration

    Friday 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
    Saturday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon (No Exceptions)
    Tribal ID Subject to Verification

    2010 Prize Money

    New This Year!!
    Golden Age All Categories Combined

    Men's and Women's Separate (55 and Up)
    1st - $500, 2nd $300, 3rd 150

    Adult Competition Categories

    Men's - Northern Traditional, Southern Straight, Grass, Fancy
    Ladies - Northern Traditiona, Southern Traditiona, Jingle, Fancy

    1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $150

    Teen Dance Competition Categories

    Teens - Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Jingle

    1st $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $75

    Juniors Dance Categories

    Juniors - Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Jingle

    1st $125, 2nd $75, 3rd $50

    Tiny Tots

    1st $25, 2nd $15, 3rd $10

    Drum contest (Must have at least 5 Singers)

    1st $2,000, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $800, 4th $500

    Art Contest, Saturday April 17, 2010 11:00 a.m.

    Grand Entry - Friday, April 16, 2010 7:00 p.m. (points will be taken), Saturday April 17, 2010 12:00 noon, Sunday April 18, 2010 1:00 p.m.


    Best Western - Gold Rock, N.C. (252) 985-1450
    Quality Inn - Roanoke Rapids (252) 537-9927

    Additional Lodging

    Country Inn and Suites - Rocky Mount (252) 442-0500

    For additional information contact (252) 586-4017 or [email protected]

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    We (Red Oak) will be there. We're looking forward to another great year and releasing a few "premier" cd's from our recording last week.

    Check us out in Hollister....then and April 16-18, 2010!
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      looks like the same as last year....i would like to go, but its way after spring break and too far away:(


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        Just wanted to put this powwow back up top, because it's coming in a few weeks. So, who all is coming? We'll be having several specials as well. The Pernell Richardson special will be for Men's Traditional dancers 35 and up. The Cindi Maria Richardson special is for Women's Fancy, and the Willis James Richardson special is for Men's fancy. I will post more details as I get them.


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          I'm hoping to make it down this year for one day. It's been awhile since I have been there. So, maybe this year will be the year. Looking forward to seeing my Hollister friends.
          Through the good times and bad times, always pray.


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            Just two days away, who's coming?


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              yeah that's a little out of my driving distance but maybe next year
              hope y'all have fun


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                Is this in Rocky Mount NC. Enjoy. Was not planning on attending but if I find myself that way I'll see you there.



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                  Originally posted by Saponi4ever View Post
                  Just two days away, who's coming?
                  Weather should be fantastic!
                  "It doesn't really matter, they don't know any better anyway."


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                    We will be coming

                    This will be my first time in years. I remember my Grandfather and family went every year. I am excited.........


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                      I heard there was over 300 dancers - does anybody have the complete list of winners?
                      Becky B.


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                        Hi Ace

                        Wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.
                        Sorry I missed the powwow this year. Was in Ga singing my head off!
                        Hope everyone had a great time.


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                          Complete List of Winners

                          Freestyle Tiny Tot Girls

                          1. Charlize Evans
                          2. Mayiki Plainbull
                          3. Shaleah Richardson

                          Freestyle Tiny Tot Boys

                          1. Chandler Lynch
                          2. Ayden Evans
                          3. Cameron Richardson

                          Girls Jingle (7-12)

                          1. Celeste Daniel
                          2. Mariah Callahan
                          3. Denota Richardson

                          Boys Grass (7-12)

                          1. Lil Bear
                          2. Blake Scott
                          3. Robert Vanpelt

                          Girls Fancy (7-12)

                          1. Kevonna Tushka
                          2. Chelsea Graham
                          3. Makayla Richardson

                          Boys Fancy (7-12)

                          1. Kendall Hedgepeth
                          2. Missuoken Zamora
                          3. Eric Plainbull, Jr.

                          Girls Traditional (7-12)

                          1. Destiny Hardin
                          2. Kyla Daniel
                          3. Faith Deese

                          Boys Traditional (7-12)

                          1. Nakya Leviner
                          2. Tyler Richardson
                          3. DeAndre Lynch

                          Jr. Womens Jingle (13-17)

                          1. Caitly Hagins
                          2. Samantha Anstead
                          3. Malia Yanez

                          Jr. Mens Grass (13-17)

                          1. Kevin Chavis
                          2. Deitrick Richardson
                          3. Jonathan Figueroa

                          Jr. Womens Fancy (13-17)

                          1. Mayanna Richardson
                          2. Alexis Hill
                          3. Karissa Wilson

                          Jr. Men's Fancy (13-17)

                          1. Floyd Silas II
                          2. Devin West
                          3. Nathan Richardson

                          Jr. Womens Traditional (13-17)

                          1. Tequorra Green
                          2. Makayla Branch
                          3. Jesse Fortune

                          Jr. Mens Traditional (13-17)

                          1. Brandon Locklear
                          2. Jay Silva
                          3. Tatanka Gibson

                          Sr. Womens Jingle (18 over)

                          1. Jackie Klein
                          2. Brenda Silva
                          3. Consuela Richardson

                          Sr. Mens Grass (18 over)

                          1. Robert Blake
                          2. Albert Zamora
                          3. Josh Richardson

                          Sr. Womens Fancy (18 over)

                          1. Denelle Stanley
                          2. Rose Track
                          3. Katy Isennock

                          Sr. Mens Fancy (18 over)

                          1. Eric Bird
                          2. Josh Hill
                          3. Wayahsti Richardson

                          Sr. Womens Northern Traditional (18 over)

                          1. Nita One Bear
                          2. Christal Ratt
                          3. Stephanie Manney

                          Sr. Mens Northern Traditional (18 over)

                          1. Will Tushka
                          2. Schirra Gray
                          3. Cheenulka Pocknett

                          Sr. Womens Southern Traditional (18 over)

                          1. Sparrow Plainbull
                          2. Dorothy Gray
                          3. Althnageebah Myles

                          Sr. Mens Straight (18 over)

                          1. Echohawk Neconie
                          2. Ray Silva
                          3. Paige Burgess

                          Women's Golden Age

                          1. Ella Viverette
                          2. Bell Frye

                          Men's Golden Age

                          1. AP
                          2. Duane Whitehorse

                          Drum Competition

                          1. Red Earth
                          2. Black Bear
                          3. Southern Sun
                          4. Thunder Bear


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                            Thanks! I was glad to see my cousin Kevin won - he hadn't even called me and told me!
                            Becky B.


                            • #15
                              what about the Mens Tradish special? Who won that?
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