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Nizhoni Days Pow Wow Day after Gathering 4.25.10 @ UNM

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  • Nizhoni Days Pow Wow Day after Gathering 4.25.10 @ UNM

    K'uundah... Pilamayaye.... Ahoh! Was very honored to be asked to be head man for the KIVA NIZHONI DAYS Pow Wow held the Sunday after the Gathering of Nations at the UNM Johnson Field.

    This Pow Wow has always been a really cool calm down Pow Wow after the Gathering. Plus they always have a real good feed at the end!

    In Honor of being asked to be headman, my family is going to be sponsoring a Men's Grass Dance Special... I hope my Grass Dance Brothers and everyone else has a moment to stop by before they hit the road.

    Also, I believe they are having a Women's Fancy, Men's Chicken, and Women's Jingle special as well.

    See you all on the Trail!

    Jude Killsplenty Cruz

    Here's the info:

    MC - Dennis Bowen
    Arena Director - Pat Pacheco
    Head Man Dancer - Jude Cruz
    Head Woman Dancer - Tara Abeita
    Head Gourd Dancer - Terry Snake
    Host Northern Drum - Star Feather
    Host Southern Drum - Southern Red

    10-12pm Gourd Dance
    12pm Grand Entry
    5pm Dinner Break
    6pm Grand Entry

    -Men's Grass by Head Man Dancer
    -Fancy Shawl by Head Woman Dancer
    -Chicken by BETA SIGMA EPSILON Fraternity
    -Women's Jingle Dress

    Audio Provided by RedWing Company & Sounds Good Audio

    VENDOR CONTACT - Wyndsor Yazzie (505)850-9078 [email protected]

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    Contest or tradiotional pow wow??

    is this pow wow jus a traditional pow wow with specials or or does it hav contest as well />>>>


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      I would like to go, but it starts kinda late on a sunday, doesn't it? By then we'll probably be headed home.

      Had some good times as a UNM KIVA Club member. I don't know what it's called now.
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        UCLA Pow Wow Info-5/3 & 5/4
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        Just in case anyone else was looking for this info!! LOL

        23rd Annual UCLA Pow Wow
        May 3rd and 4th 2008
        Head Staff
        Host Northern Drum
        Midnite Express
        Minneapolis Minnesota

        Head Man Dancer
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        Thunder Falls PW in Niagara Falls July9-11th
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        Okay I called and got the real info on the pow wow (the full completed version I think) some good some bad

        MC: Marvin Burnett
        A.D.: John Teller Sr.
        Head Vet: Clayton Logan
        Head Male Dancer: Damian Brazier
        Head Female Dancer: Lesley (Hemlock) Schiffert
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        Rama Thanksgiving Pow Wow 2008
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