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    Hey everyone, I was wondering what people out there do when they have some OLD eagle feathers. I got some really old feathers that were passed down to me which I used when I was growing up fancy dancing, now there old and worn out from rocking all those years. They been in my cedar box for about 9 years and can't imagine putting them away for good. I always had an idea of using them for something but just not sure what to do. Help!(Check out the Image!)

    *BTW each are pairs I used on my rocker, and you probably can't tell but the webbing doesn't attach to eachother anymore.
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    I have a pair about 3 generations old.....when I quit dancing them , I put them on an Eagle Staff
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      what to do!

      Hey man,

      Im sure youve noticed the drops that straight dancers have from their roach and their pestles. A lot of times these are trimmed up eagle feathers. I would suggest the same. trim em up and make em into a drop off the side of your roach. Maybe add some hackles to the base or something and you got a perfect use for em. just a suggestion!


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        or you can sell them!


        hmmm, was that funnee? lol


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          I have a lot of eagle feathers, some are new and some are old but I just keep them put away. Recently I found some sage that was gifted to me wrapped in cloth, I recently unwrapped it to pull out some sage and saw that there were a lot of eagle feathers in it. Some had quilled medicine wheels some had other decorations. I was surprised at my discovery as I've had that sage for a couple of years now. So anyway, I'm still not too sure what to do with them but I'll find a home for them probably someone in mourning and in need of prayer. One of my good friends just lost her dad so I'll probably gift her some.


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