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  • Hamilton Powwow

    Just wanted to let all know who plan to attend the Hamilton powwow, that the committee has made it right with the head staff from last year, all is well and most will attend this year. Hope all you can make it to a great powwow.

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    well-someone please post Head Staff....I dont like how this pow wow doesn't post anything until the week of the pow wow
    "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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      this is what the website says.. dunno how true this is.
      Dennis Bowen - TBC

      Wilson Robert

      Irene Oakes


      Russ Blackbird

      Michael Bomberry

      Amos Key Jr.

      Charlene Bombery

      Josh Johnny John

      Catherine Cornelius
      Ron Robert
      ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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        Girls Smoke
        5th- Marissa Skye
        4th- Shirley Hill
        3rd- Taya Albert
        2nd- Hannah Jekyl
        1st- Julia Philips

        Boys Smoke
        5th- ? Elijah
        4th- ? Salinas
        3rd- Keelan Green
        2nd- Ascension Harjo
        1st- Lindyn Hill

        Teen Womens Smoke
        5th- Mahgee Emarthle
        4th- Jamie Doxtator
        3rd- Hailey Thomas
        2nd- ?
        1st- Kayentha Ireland

        Teen Mens Smoke
        3rd- Gavin Smoke
        2nd- Mason Philips
        1st- Jake George

        Womens Smoke
        5th- Jasmine House
        4th- Naomi Martin
        3rd- Sugar Thomas
        2nd- Emily Regis
        1st- Tia Schindler

        Mens Smoke
        5th- Ryan Hill
        4th- Chris Thomas
        3rd- Tony Johnson
        2nd- Solon Spruce
        1st- Lyle Anderson

        Golden Age Women Smoke
        5th - Renee Thomas Hill
        4th- Rebecca Bowen
        3rd- Deanna Sky
        2nd- Gloria Sky
        1st- Claudette General

        Golden Age Men Smoke
        4th- ? Winguhk
        3rd- Clayton Logan
        2nd- Marvin Sky
        1st- Alan George

        Girls Jingle (6th & 7th Place Sponsored by head lady Kit Landry)
        7th- Marissa Anderson
        6th- Kimaura Schindler
        5th- Marcella White
        4th- Niibishens Trudeau
        3rd- AJ Douglas
        2nd- Adalia Plain
        1st- Waskwane Stonefish

        Boys Grass (6th & 7th Place sponsored by head man Quannah Larose)
        7th- Wyatt Dell
        6th- Naakwaam Shawanda
        5th- Destin Smoke
        4th- Mason Sands
        3rd- Theland Kicknosway
        2nd- Chayton Hedgepeth
        1st- Gavin Whiteeye

        Girls Fancy
        5th- Joni Pompana
        4th- Jadyn Bomberry
        3rd- Alexis Hill
        2nd- Nicole Dashner
        1st- Kristen Martin

        Boys Fancy
        5th- Buster Cleveland
        4th- Cyrus Storm Sinopole
        3rd- Miishiin Migwan Shawanda
        2nd- Delano Cleveland
        1st- David Cleveland

        Girls Tradish
        5th- Natalie Roote
        4th- Maqouia General
        3rd- Haylee Anderson
        2nd- Jaylyn Smoke
        1st- Madeline Douglas

        Boys Tradish
        5th- Jake Cornelius
        4th- Wacante Pompana
        3rd- Hayden Shears-Recollet
        2nd- Shane Cameron Jr
        1st- Preston Buddy Tonepahhote

        Teen Womens Jingle
        5th- Shay Schuyler
        4th- Cheyenne White
        3rd- Cassidi Webkamigad
        2nd- Katelyn Douglas
        1st- Mallary Oakes

        Teen Boys Grass
        4th- Dallan Guitar
        3rd- Mitchell Roy
        2nd- Taylor Crain
        1st- Timmy Johnson

        Teen Girls Fancy
        5th- Amber Asp-Chief
        4th- Hallie Snake
        3rd- Chelsey Recollet
        2nd- Beedoskah Stonefish
        1st- Laryn Oakes

        Teen Boys Fancy
        5th- Brayden Doxtator
        4th- Dallas John
        3rd- Jojo Maness
        2nd- Courage Cleveland
        1st- Terrance Cleveland

        Teen Womens Tradish
        5th- ?
        4th- Ashley Maness
        3rd- Makayla Webkamigad
        2nd- Tarlynn Tonepahhote
        1st- Jade Gustafson

        Teen Boys Tradish
        5th- ?
        4th- Joseph Harper
        3rd- Nodin Shawanda
        2nd- Brandon Davey
        1st- Talon Whiteeye

        Womens Jingle
        5th- Kelly Wuttunee
        4th- Celine Roulet
        3rd- Keysa Lee Parker
        2nd- Paula Hedgepeth
        1st- Challis Isaac

        Mens Grass
        5th- David Trudeau
        4th- Armando ?
        3rd- ?
        2nd- Matt Pheasant
        1st- DJ Whitehouse

        Womens Fancy
        5th- Celina Cada Metasawagon
        4th- Rain Williams
        3rd- Letisha Pens?
        2nd- Tracy Recollet
        1st- Lisa Odjig

        Mens Fancy
        5th- Wesley Cleland
        4th- Jerry Cleveland
        3rd- Jason Whitehouse
        2nd- Josh Hill
        1st- Nigel Schuyler

        Womens Tradish
        5th- Shannon Gustafson
        4th- Sara Loft
        3rd- Crystal Recollet
        2nd- Bonnie Mason
        1st- Crystal Bigsksy

        Mens Tradish
        5th- Howard Roulet
        4th- Devan Kicknosway
        3rd- Edmond Navaquoya
        2nd- Ryan Gustafson
        1st- Dana Warrington

        Womens Golden Age
        5th- Carol Herminston
        4th- Viola Recollet
        3rd- Elsie Wuttunee
        2nd- Joann Whitehouse
        1st- Sharon Roberts

        Mens Golden Age
        5th- John Sherry
        4th- Ted White Sr
        3rd- Randy Rivers
        2nd- Mike Dashner
        1st- Cecil Napoose

        Drum Contest
        Non-placing or non-contest: Big Train, Hochunk Station, Thunder Mountain, High Ridge, Poplar, Blackbear & Smoke Trail
        5th- Chippewa Travellers 3055pts
        4th- Whitefish Jrs 3095pts
        3rd- Eagle Flight 3260pts
        2nd- Whitetail Cree 3400pts
        1st- Bear Creek 3545pts
        ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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          Anybody get cash for their checks yet?


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            Hamilton Pow wow

            Nope, called today..they said "the cheque is in the mail"


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              Here are the winners from the 2009 powwow.
              Sorry for any spelling mistakes or errors, was kinda hard to hear.
              Good weekend despite the rain!

              Jr Girls Tradish
              5th- ? Cook # 175
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              3rd- Dehmin Cleland
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              3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
              4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
              5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

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              3rd - Joanne Whitehouse
              4th - Gloria Mandamin
              5th - Monica Benson
              6th - Donna Philips
              7th - Viola Recollet...
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              4TH - Muriel Stewart
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              2ND - Patty Bugg
              1ST - Rose Track

              5TH - Jamie Little Wolf
              4TH - Tara Jackson
              3RD - Harmony Hill
              2ND - Maureen Z????...
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