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Denver March Powwow Computers Containing Contest Results Missing

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  • Denver March Powwow Computers Containing Contest Results Missing

    From Indian County Today and posted on Facebook
    (not the latest news, but at least I'm getting it posted as requested )

    Denver March Powwow Computers Containing Contest Results Missing
    ICTMN Staff

    April 12, 2013

    The 39th Annual Denver March Powwow, the unofficial kickoff to the pow wow season, was a beautiful, successful event again this year. But there was a hitch at the end, and organizers need your help.

    On the Facebook page for the spectacular extravaganza, the organizers have posted the following message:

    "Facebook friends . . . we need your help. We had to be off the Coliseum floor Sunday night right after the powwow and in the aftermath of the fast, unsupervised move we cannot locate our lap top computers that have the contest results. Can you help us out and let us know who won in your respective category so we can post the results. Thank you : )"

    If you were a contestant in any event at the Denver March Powwow, which was held March 22-24 at the Denver Coliseum, please contact the organizers via Facebook or the official website: DENVER MARCH POWWOW is what it is...

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    Uh oh...


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      sigpic This is how I dance when your standing next to me...

      "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the Dogs of War..."


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        like how many laptop computers are they missing? 1, more than 1, 5, 10?

        its almost like "how can we write off something as a lose this year"?


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          part of me says shame on whoever took them......its a black eye on us

          but another part of me says it couldnt have happened to a nicer group of people lol
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