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  • Gone but back

    Hi ya all

    Gone for a spell, and been busy flying many continents. Beijing really bad, their terminal is massive 1.6 kilometer long, all brown haze as far as you can see, so thick it covered their buildings and hovered just 300 feet above the ground. Paris dirty as usual, the Brits still mulling over their tea, Italy great to see, Switz are nice, German celebrates victory>FICA, eastern side nervous due to conflict and USA doing the usual mess. Lots of success, and making progress. How about all of you???? Met some nice folks in Europe and they expressed interest in having a shindig there, but I told them nobody in USA is interested amd got scalped so its a no go. They kinda disappointed but nothing I can do. Anyway got a few things going on that side.

    Was on You Tube and saw and listened to your war cry music, and it blew my mind. Wow. Very moving.

    Anyway take care and keep up the good work. Will pop in every now and then.

    Darn still a tiny tot, LOL.


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    Originally posted by Daveyo View Post
    ...but I told them nobody in USA is interested amd got scalped so its a no go.

    Wow, you haven't missed a stereotype yet.


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      That's a lot of traveling. It appears someone is spreading the hate


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        Throughout your travels, did the people in each country look at you with the same pained expression? Or perhaps....


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          So is this where you go when you're off your meds?


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            Originally posted by Daveyo View Post
            Was on You Tube and saw and listened to your war cry music, and it blew my mind. Wow. Very moving.
            I considered that comment very offensive to my friends of mine I as a white guy I tried to learned the songs too.
            Originally posted by OLChemist View Post
            Wow, you haven't missed a stereotype yet.
            Same thing Here.
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            Wakan Tanka please have compassion on me.
            OK Niji we are running a train with red over yellow at this powwow.


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              Naw, not here to defend myself. Just told them (them are the ones with the big money in the tune of billions)) the truth, that none of you were interested period. FYI, there were others who had expressed interest, but once I told them, your lack of interest the hammer nailed your coffin.

              Oh, that picture, yea, how nice of you, perfect description, it's what we all did at the board meeting, seeing the numbers go down the drain, crumpled up the papers, tossed it to the can behind us, shifted the funds, and moved on to other agendas, that got going and the deals were agreed upon etc.

              Sterotyped?? > naw, we way ahead of you. Spreading hate?? no frickin way, not mine or the boards department. Going to the Bahamas soon, all expenses paid, not one penny by me, so have fun. Take care.

              Again nice war cry drum song. Who'd she coo????
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                What is with this guy, Daveyo? We are not making war drums or war cry drum song.

                We are united as one nation (many nations of tribes coming for the gatherings for powwows to celebrate as family and friends) as we are people. We enjoy having good times and fun on the powwow grounds.

                You, Daveyo, sound like a bigot over this comments that you are making.

                I don't know why you have to come over if you don't understand our perspective. You have to watch your language with us being natives.
                Gegiibishedjig (Deaf Person)


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                  The more I think about this, the more I do a slow boil. Do you have the slightest idea how paternalistic and arrogant you sound?

                  Daveyo, this isn't 1880. We don't need Buffalo Bill to take us on a tour of Europe. We are modern people, living in today's world. If we want to organize a powwow and/or educational program in Europe, we can do it without the help of someone who knows nothing of our cultures.

                  First there is the simple fact that in an anonymous forum on the internet you could be anyone from a well connected record promotor to a 35 year-old troll living with his Klingon costume in his mother's basement, who'd have to steal a five from her purse to get a Red Bull... We don't know which. Beyond that, you continually demonstrate your ignorance of our cultures. You've called our women's dances "squaw dancing." You call our music "war cries." (Btw, unless you're listening to on old XIT album, the song isn't called War Cry.) You talk about visions, scalping and eagles. You call all powwows "GON," which, by the way, may well be an infringement of the Gathering of Nations trademark. You continue to parade tired tropes of the TV western.

                  I have tried to educate. And I think I have been reasonably civil while doing so. But, you don't listen! Several people on here have told you that if you are sincere, you need to get off the internet and approach Native people as equals and learn. Not tell us how to "refine" an event you clearly don't understand. But, you wanted to do it your way and wanted us to be your imagined Indians, rather than the real people we are.

                  So now we Natives are to blame when we didn't fall down in wonder over your ships appearing on our beaches. (A Columbus reference, in case you need help with that.) If you didn't realize your "vision" perhaps you need to go stand in front of a mirror to find someone to blame. Too bad, so sad.

                  Have fun in the Bahamas. (By the way is anyone else just marveling at the irony of his destination?)
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                    Originally posted by DeafElderWoman View Post

                    You, Daveyo, sound like a bigot over this comments that you are making.
                    I was thinking that with his last comment he was suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect, as can be noted by the hint of illusory superiority in some of his more pointed comments towards us native peoples.

                    After all, we'd neeeeeeeever be able to travel abroad on other people's money, "all expenses paid", for the sake of business like HE is without either involving our culture/ethnicity or doing a little dance and song for our foreign hosts that would degrade and dissrespect the very culture we hold dear. He's just that far above everyone else with that little trip to the Bahamas of his
                    [/end sarcasm]

                    I also love how the idea of you have emphasized working with "billions" in terms of money has been thrown around. Is that supposed to make us quiver with excitement and awe? Are we supposed to jump up and down and dance for money? That's not how things work, and that's not what anyone here is about.

                    On top of that, you say it like we're supposed to be impressed. I can't speak for everyone here and can only speak for my own experiences and occupation, but I've been in numerous board rooms just like you, sat at tables with the 'big wigs' in the corporate and economic worlds, gave presentations for the CEOs of billion dollar companies on numerous topics. And it's nothing at all special enough for you to brag about OR assume that we lack such experiences due to what you've seen in Youtube videos about minute aspects of our culture... and your little outbursts, stereotypes and assumptions certainly do not portray us as a people.

                    Your little war cry comments only serve to emphasize your ignorance and arrogance. If we wished to educate various parts of the world about our culture, we could and would do so without the use of ignorant middle-men like yourself in order to properly educate and portray ourselves in a manner that we see fit on our own terms.

                    We're not some Western archetype. We're economists, scientists, teachers, doctors, farmers, parents, businessmen/women, artists, and educated people who deserve more respect than your condescending attempts at belittlement.


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                      Meh. I'll be your huckleberry, Daveyo.

                      If you've got cash? I mean serious "put your $$$ where your mouth is funds?"

                      Then, I can make all sorts of stuff happen.

                      But the cheque clears, first.


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                            Originally posted by Fang View Post
                            ...the Dunning-Kruger effect...
                            Use small words. Remember the incompetent can't recognize the level of their incompetence, LOL.


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                              Originally posted by OLChemist View Post
                              Use small words. Remember the incompetent can't recognize the level of their incompetence, LOL.
                              Like : meh , buh , eh , ennit , da"O" , shaaa , those I can relate to !
                              I believe blood quantums are the governments way to breed us out of existance !

                              They say blood is thicker than water ! Now maple syrup is thicker than blood , so are pancakes more important than family ?

                              There are "Elders" and there are "Olders". Being the second one doesn't make the first one true !

                              Somebody is out there somewhere, thinking of you and the impact you made in their life.
                              It's not me....I think you're an idiot !


                              There's a chance you might not like me ,

                              but there's a bigger

                              chance I won't care


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