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FSIN Powwow - Saskatoon

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  • FSIN Powwow - Saskatoon

    All listings are from First to Last Place

    FSIN Powwow Princess 2006-2007 ~ Nicole Waskewitch

    Golden Age 50+ - Mens Traditional

    Larry McKay
    Cecil Nepoose
    Mike Peeyachew
    Gordon Lewis
    Arsene Tootoosis

    Golden Age 50+ - Ladies Traditional

    Dianne McKay
    Madlynn Goodwill
    Agnes Littletent
    Vera Kingbird
    Bernice Standingwater

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Traditional Contemporary

    Kevin Haywayhe
    Ardell Scalplock
    Donnie Rain
    Darren Bird
    Moses Carrieer

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Traditional Original

    Eli Snow
    Edmond Neeraquaya
    Wendell Powless
    Will Hedgepath
    Darris Wacanta

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Traditional Stationary

    Krystal Dustyhorn
    Danita Goodwill
    Monica Raphail
    Summer Baldwin
    CJ Baker

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Traditional Contemporary

    Tasha Goodwill
    Charmaine Standing
    Amber Buffalo
    Shirley Ann Kay
    Miranda Thompson

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Grass Contemporary

    Terrance Goodwill
    Rusty Gillette
    Randell Paskimin
    Derek Stanley
    A.J. Redman

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Grass Original

    Ivan Lonechild
    Quanah Larose
    Cody Rabbit
    Chris Scribe
    Irvin Jr. Waskewitch

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Jingle Contemporary

    Kyla Sanderson
    Destiny Gardipy
    Elissa Gadwa
    Kristy Yuzicipi
    Lauren Frank

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Jingle Original

    Alanna Tootoosis
    Melinda Whitecloud
    Leah Omeasoo
    Aneekah Sky
    Bernadette Badger

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Fancy Contemporary

    Kenny Pratt Jr.
    Preston Littletent
    Douglas Schofield
    Marchall Thompson
    Rylan Baker

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Fancy Original

    Amos Yazzie
    Colby Tootoosis
    Lazz Roan
    Jason Whitehorse
    Crazy Horse Bison

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Fancy Contemporary

    Bobbi Lynn Pratt
    Amber Rose Clevland
    Irene Oakes
    Lisa Odjig
    Michelle Whitecalf

    Adult 18-49 - Ladies Fancy Original

    Lisa Ewack-Noon
    Linda Standing
    Clara Kennedy
    Charlene Jimmy
    Andrea Redman

    Adult 18-49 - Mens Chicken Dance

    TJ Warren
    Dustin Whitford
    Kirk Gamble
    Caleb Baker
    Richard Street

    Teens 13-17 - Boys Traditional

    Keith Tocan
    Kyle Snow
    Preston Gamble
    Dariius Isnana

    Teens 13-17 - Girls Traditional

    Kayla McArthur
    Megan Isnana
    Krista Goodwill
    Emery Rose Assiniboine

    Teens 13-17 - Boys Grass

    Joseph Baldwin
    Bryson Rabbit
    Tyrell Stanley
    Jordan Redman

    Teens 13-17 - Girls Jingle

    Gracie McArthur
    Chantel Redman
    Thomasina Twoyoungmen
    Darilynn Youngchief

    Teens 13-17 - Boys Fancy

    Amos Yazzie
    Navaronne Thunderchild
    Teddy Bison
    JoJo Tootoosis

    Teens 13-17 - Girls Fancy

    Tishanna Baptiste
    Mika Snow
    Kaitlynn McArthur
    Tianna Medicine Rope

    Teens 13-17 - Boys Chicken Dance

    Nelson Baker
    Chris Albert
    Matthew Whitecloud
    Jackson Rolling Thunder

    Youth 6 - 12 - Boys Traditional

    George Sanderson
    Redbear McCloud
    Maverick Moosimin
    Dane Sutherland

    Youth 6 - 12 - Boys Grass

    Skyler Gopher
    Sage Asapace
    Justin Ewack
    Kendrick Nicotine

    Youth 6 - 12 - Boys Fancy

    Mitchell Baker
    Asa King
    Colin Starblanket
    Jade Mendes

    Youth 6 - 12 - Girls Traditional

    Quinn Weaseltail
    Marissa Tsatoke
    Kaylee Brass
    Nikita Rockwoman

    Youth 6 - 12 - Girls Jingle

    Kia McLoud
    Noelle Young
    Raven Morin
    Shawna Wuttanee

    Youth 6 - 12 - Girls Fancy

    Laryn Oakes
    Jada Gadwa
    Cheyenne Fineday
    Kaley Redman

    1 Big Bear
    2 Seekaskootch
    3 Young Spirit
    4 Rock Hill
    5 Mandaree

    1 The Boyz
    2 Little Island Cree
    3 Thundering Spirit
    4 Ironwing
    5 Chiniki Lake
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    "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume

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    Drums Pleas

    What about the drum contest? Please Post


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      "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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        Was there a jingle special at this powwow?
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