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  • Indio

    Drum Contest
    1st- YOUNGBIRD
    2nd- Little Earth
    3rd- ?
    4th- New Agency
    5th- ?
    "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume

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    whhoooo hooooo congrats to mah cuzzint New da rest of da drummers. Who else wun?


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      Complete Winners List

      straight from the tabulator's computer to yours!

      Teen Boys Northern
      2nd 242 Clayton Broncheau
      1st 241 Louis Little Wind
      Teen Boys Southern
      4th 233 Forrest Gorman
      3rd 231 Segundo Henry
      2nd 234 Eric Bohay
      1st 232 Alrdrick Jackson
      Teen Boys Grass
      4th 260 Johnnie DJ Johnson
      3rd 261 Ishmael Begay
      2nd 257 Joseph Baldwin
      1st 254 Aaron Woody
      Teen Boys Fancy
      4th 273 Fabian Phoenix
      3rd 274 Raymond Sanchez
      2nd 272 Nathan Logan
      1st 271 RaeSteven Scott
      Teen Girls Northern
      4th 180 Latisha Yazzie
      3rd 179 ImeldaTortalita
      2nd 176 Lyndee Jon Tofpi
      1st 177 Alyssa Phillips
      Teen Girls Southern
      4th 163 Laura Sisco
      3rd 165 Tierra Draper
      2nd 162 Shalaise Monroe
      1st 164 Celeste McGurk
      Teen Girls Jingle
      3rd 192 Sarraye Forrest Davis
      2nd 194 Brittney Hunter
      1st 191 Alyssa Woody
      Teen Girls Fancy
      4th 213 Lindsey Etsitty
      3rd 454 Richelle Donoghey
      2nd 214 Arianne Sheka
      1st 215 Nikollane Kanuho

      Golden Age Women Northern
      5th 310 Carolyn Reyes
      4th 309 Nita Track
      3rd 307 Joyca Spoonhunter
      2nd 302 Roberta Windchief
      1st 306 Virgie Tsosie

      Golden Age Women Southern
      5th 330 Jonita Anquoe
      4th 321 Georgia Noble
      3rd 325 Cheryl Tofpi
      2nd 329 Dolores Goodeagle
      1st 322 Claudia Spicer
      Golden Age Men Northern
      5th 349 Marlin Spoonhunter
      4th 341 Andrew Windy Boy
      3rd 346 Charles Tailfeathers Sr
      2nd 348 Norman Largo
      1st 344 Darrell Goodwill
      Golden Age Men Southern
      5th 365 Barry Hamilton
      4th 361 Jamey Noble
      3rd 364 Ronnie Ahboah
      2nd 368 Tommy Draper
      1st 367 Vernon Harragarra

      Women's Walk Around
      5th 423 Marjorie OldHorn
      4th 427 Jacinta Tsosie
      3rd 424 Lark Paz
      2nd 402 Lena Young Running Crane
      1st 426 Summer Baldwin
      Women's Stationary
      5th 392 Maurisa Two Two
      4th 418 Cree Medicine Bear
      3rd 400 Leya Hale
      2nd 399 Kellie Mae Downwind
      1st 393 Jodi Gillette
      Women's Southern
      5th 440 Antoinette Hawk
      4th 442 Amy No Ear
      3rd 446 Shannon Begay
      2nd 448 Leah Brown
      1st 431 Sandy Tate-Nevaquaya
      Women's Buckskin
      5th 419 Michell Kauahquo
      4th 413 Delaine Snowball
      3rd 414 Dalynn Alley
      2nd 420 Laurie Whitecloud
      1st 417 Danita Goodwill
      Women's Jingle
      5th 482 Paula McCurtain
      4th 472 Acosia Leighton
      3rd 479 Henrietta Scalplock
      2nd 477 Jovelle Pacheco
      1st 481 Jennifer YoungBear

      Women's Fancy
      5th 453 Crystalena Pacheco
      4th 452 Regena Top Sky
      3rd 457 Tawny hale
      2nd 456 Urseloria Kanuho
      1st 458 Amber Rose Cleveland

      Men's Northern
      5th 496 Caleb Baker
      4th 497 Sheldon Shebala
      3rd 491 Nathan Largo
      2nd 502 Gabriel Cleveland
      1st 503 Lonny Street
      Men's Southern
      5th 529 Chris Dinedeal
      4th 527 Norman Gardipee Jr
      3rd 531 Mathew Sheka Sr
      2nd 522 Lewis Perkins
      1st 528 Wahkeen Hamilton
      Men's Grass
      5th 578 Rooster Top Sky
      4th 581 James Day
      3rd 582 Quanah LaRose
      2nd 583 AJ Redman
      1st 580 Rusty Gillette
      Men's Northern Fancy
      4th 543 Aaron Wright
      3rd 542 Tom Snowball Sr
      2nd 541 Daniel Tramper
      1st 544 Wayne Silas Jr
      Men's Southern Fancy
      5th 559 Julian Phoenix
      4th 558 Dennison Brown
      3rd 561 Isaiah Bob
      2nd 562 JR Jaquez
      1st 556 Thunder Lovett
      Drum no Name
      5th 10 Green River
      4th 9 New Agency
      3rd 11 Red Buffalo
      2nd 12 Little Earth
      1st 7 YoungBird


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        holy smokes sound like an awesome pow-wow. Congrats to mah cuz Rooster Top Sky and in-law Gina Top Sky, my aunt Roberta Windchief and to da rest of da winners. Good job peeps!


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          Congrats to Daniel Tramper!! Glad to see him and Tom Snowball were in there in Men's Northern Fancy - holding it down for the older crew.

          Dang, Lonny Street took 1st! Haven't seen his name in the winner's block in years...glad to see he's out there again.
          I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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            who all placed in the mens prairie chicken special?


            • #7
              Men's Chicken Special

              4th=Caleb Baker
              3rd=Darrell Goodwill
              2nd=Rooster TopSky
              1st=Rusty Gillette

              18 dancers in all. It was a gooood contest.
              Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
              Oscar Wilde


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                5th in Men's prairie Chicken was Travis Brown...there were 17 dancers in all, some names: Tate, merlin spoonhunter, dakota mcgurk, troy becenti, dennis N


                • #9
                  Travis Brown!! Yah, that's his name. Real tall guy from Oklahoma. lol. I said 18 cause Dad, JRE, said 18.
                  Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
                  Oscar Wilde


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                    Lotsa big names here, sounds fun, congrats too all, to many to mention, y'all did great.
                    Dance harder.


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