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  • Denver March

    1st Norman Largo
    2nd Marcus Loren Sammaripa
    3rd Joe Davis
    4th Fred Stands
    5th Mark Roanhorse

    Senior Men
    1st Mike One Star
    2nd Terry Fiddler
    3rd Darrell Wildcat
    4th Fabian Fontenelle
    5th Avery Thompson

    Mens Southern Straight
    1st Wahkeen Hamilton
    2nd Shude Victors
    3rd Buck Wallahee
    4th Eagleboy Whiteshield
    5th Delvin Bennett

    Men's Northern Traditional
    1st Lonny Street
    2nd Nathan Largo
    3rd Honovi Smith
    4th Paris Leighton, Sr.
    5th Gabe Cleveland

    Men's Fancy
    1st Shorty Crawford
    2nd Darrell Hill
    3rd Mylon Tootoosis
    4th Cory LeClaire
    5th Sky Medicine Bear

    Men's Grass
    1st Lakota Clairmont
    2nd Buck Spotted Tail
    3rd Orlando Dugi
    4th Bryan Chiquito
    5th Kendrick Slim

    Men's Chicken Dance
    1st Chad Kills Crow
    2nd Rooster Top Sky
    3rd Marty Thurman
    4th Taite Honnadick
    5th Derek Howell

    Golden Age Women
    1st Roberta Wind Chief
    2nd Millie Black Bear
    3rd Pearl Sammaripa
    4th Virginia Allrunner
    5th Nelda Goodman

    Senior Women
    1st Charlene Cozad
    2nd Carmen Clairmont
    3rd Gladys Jefferson
    4th Salina No Ear Todome
    5th Lillian Goodeagle

    Women's Southern Cloth
    1st Sunny Rose Yellowmule
    2nd Kay Kay Franklin
    3rd Mary Wildcat
    4th Sophia Tsosie
    5th Buffy Simmons

    Women's Southern Buckskin
    1st Toni Tsatoke
    2nd Raetava
    3rd Michelle Flyingman
    4th Lois Swift
    5th Sharon Zotigh

    Women's Northen Cloth
    1st Delmarina One Feather
    2nd Alva Fiddler
    3rd Lark Real Bird-Paz
    4th Marjorie Old Horn
    5th Marissa Woody

    Women's Northern Buckskin
    1st Noella Red Hawk
    2nd Dustina Abrahamson
    3rd Paula Leader Charge
    4th Denise Logan
    5th Mary Beauchman

    Women's Fancy Shawl
    1st Gracie Her Many Horses
    2nd Amber Rose Cleveland
    3rd Tanksi Clairmont
    4th Michelle Kipp
    5th Sally Anne Jack

    Women's Jingle
    1st Willow Jack
    2nd Acosia Leighton
    3rd Yvette Goodeagle
    4th Ashley Phelps
    5th Denise One Star

    Teen Boy's Traditional
    1st John Richards
    2nd Ian Stevens
    3rd Coleman Eagle Elk
    4th Jared Brown
    5th Anthony Almaguer

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st Sam Her Many Horses
    2nd Bryan Neconiz
    3rd Nathan Ironshell
    4th Caleb Her Many Horses
    5th Billy Leonard

    Teen Boys Grass
    1st Joseph Baldwin
    2nd Greg Forrest Davis
    3rd Johnnie Johnson
    4th Dakota Madesa
    5th Skyler Littleshield

    Teen Girls Traditional
    1st Elena Diaz
    2nd Temi Meninick
    3rd Daisa One Feather
    4th Quannah Kennedy
    5th Krista Goodwill

    Teen Girls Fancy Shawl
    1st Leela Abrahamson
    2nd Taylor Spoonhunter
    3rd Tia Hoops
    4th Arianne Sheka
    5th Kelly Walker

    Teen Girls Jingle
    1st Teri John
    2nd Amanda IronStar
    3rd Andrea Whiteplume
    4th Shayz Primeaux
    5th Talia Reasoner

    Junior Boys Traditional
    1st Fedrick Fox, Jr.
    2nd T.J. Sherman
    3rd Mitchell Stands
    4th Nakeezaka Jack
    5th Dontae Yazzie

    Junior Boys Fancy
    1st Hiram Gleason
    2nd Sonny Littlehead
    3rd Trey Trahant
    4th Keegan Her Many Horses
    5th Sonny Means

    Junior Boys Grass
    1st Misun Mills
    2nd Sean Valdez
    3rd Ezra Jim
    4th Gerald Ellenwood
    5th Zane Baker

    Junior Girls Traditional
    1st Ellena Morgan-Doxtator
    2nd Kaleigh Starblanket
    3rd Kyree Callahan
    4th Shenoah Bowen
    5th Corrina Davis

    Junior Girls Fancy Shawl
    1st Lacey Fiddler
    2nd Maycie Morin
    3rd Mikala Sunrhodes
    4th Oskatewin One Star
    5th Demeatrice Miller

    Junior Girls Jingle
    1st Sheyenne Fox
    2nd Keya Trujillo
    3rd Sage Okimosh
    4th Aneay'Shah Powell
    5th Shyanna Leonard
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    Who won the mens chicken dance special and the category?


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      chicken special

      1-Rooster TopSky
      2-a dude from Oklahoma
      3-Marty Thurman
      It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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        Who was crowned the princess??? j/w
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          Guy From Oklahoma

          Men's Chicken
          1- Chad KillsCrow
          2- Rooster TopSky
          3- Marty Thurmond
          4- Taite Honnidick
          5- Derrick Howell

          Chicken Dance Special
          1- Rooster TopSky
          2- Derrick Howell
          3- Marty Thurman

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            Originally posted by ndnsooner View Post
            Men's Chicken
            1- Chad KillsCrow
            2- Rooster TopSky
            3- Marty Thurmond
            4- Taite Honnidick
            5- Derrick Howell

            Chicken Dance Special
            1- Rooster TopSky
            2- Derrick Howell
            3- Marty Thurman
            Yeah.....Derrick's the young guy.....used to live in Denver.....awesome grass dancer too.....dances w/ lotsa energy-----probably make a dang goot fancy dancer!
            "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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