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Eufala Powwow Winners 2008

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  • Eufala Powwow Winners 2008

    Thank you to Mrs. A. Maker for collecting these results for all the inquiring minds out there.

    Golden Age Women
    1st-Alta Reyes
    2nd-Ilona Mayne?
    3rd-Judy Bender
    4th-Martha Cosheway

    Girls Cloth and Buckskin
    1st-Cher Satepauhoodle
    2nd-Aiden Cozad
    3rd-Tara Goodfox
    4th-Darian Hill

    Girls Jingle and Fancy Shawl
    1st-Cheyenna Leonard
    2nd-Yawna Leonard?
    3rd- ? Leonard
    4th-Judy Moses

    Senior Women Cloth
    1st-Rosie Motah
    2nd-Alva Fiddler
    3rd-Sandy Harris
    4th-Buffy Simmons

    Senior Buckskin
    1st-Janet Bullcoming
    2nd-Crystal Lightfoot
    3rd-Angela Toineeta
    4th-Joy Flores

    Senior Fancy Shawl
    1st-Elizabeth Hudson
    2nd-Leah Bates
    3rd-Lynn Thurman
    4th-Leslie Deer

    Senior Jingle
    1st-Britney Yahola
    3rd-Pearl Roy
    4th-Leora Aldridge

    Golden Age Men
    1st-Francis Sweetwater
    2nd-Jimmy Johnson
    3rd-Charlie Harjo

    Boys Straight and Traditional
    1st-Bryan Longhorn
    2nd-Braden Bull
    3rd-Jeffrey Lightfoot
    4th-Sonny Boy Stumblingbear

    Boys Grass and Fancy
    1st-Travis Leonard
    2nd-Tyler Thurman
    4th-Payton Foreman

    Senior Men Straight
    1st-Jason Lightfoot
    2nd-Deswood Cosheway
    3rd-James Yellowfish
    4th-Berwyn Moses

    Senior Traditional
    1st-Jason Bender
    2nd-Jay Roberts
    3rd-Pat Moore
    4th-Notah Wahpepah

    Senior Grass
    1st-Marty Thurman
    3rd-Tsyoslake House
    4th-Mark Bolin

    Senior Fancy
    1st-Kevin Connewerdy
    2nd-Sly Isaac
    3rd-Larry Tsosie
    4th-Pierce Aldridge
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.

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    Tulsa Powwow 2008 Winners!
    by amarie49
    Junior Girls Cloth
    1 Avery LeClair
    2 Mallori Shawnee
    3 Nonnie Little Axe
    4 Savannah Waters

    Junior Girls Buckskin
    1 Cherish Toehay
    2 Cher Satepauhoodle
    3 Christie Wolfchief
    4 Jamie Nelson

    Junior Girls Fancy Shawl...
    07-21-2008, 12:44 PM
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    Battle of the Plains Youth Powwow 2009
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    I am posting results for this youth powwow in Dewey, OK. The contest dancing is for fun only and the winners receive ribbons for participation. It is a challenge between JOM/title VII dancers and Operation Eagle dancers at Bartlesville Schools.
    02-21-2009, 11:23 PM
  • amarie49
    IICOT 2008 Powwow Winners
    by amarie49
    Junior Girls Cloth
    1 Charlsie Cunningham
    2 Robynn Rulo
    3 Allissa Hamilton

    Junior Girls Buckskin
    1 Anna Spottedwolf
    2 Cher Satepauhoodle
    3 Toni Shawnee

    Junior Girls Jingle
    1 Erin Casoose
    2 Sadie (?) Redeagle
    08-12-2008, 03:14 PM
  • amarie49
    Sac n Fox Winners at Stroud 2008
    by amarie49
    Junior Girls Cloth
    1 Rickee Hughes
    2 Tara Goodfox
    3 Regan Hill

    Junior Girls Buckskin
    1 Darian Hill
    2 Jayce Lightfoot

    Junior Girls Fancy Shawl
    2 McKayla Laman
    3 Moses

    Junior Girls Jingle
    1 Brianna...
    07-14-2008, 01:00 PM
  • amarie49
    Winners at Copan 2008
    by amarie49
    This powwow went really well. The weather cooperated and didn't rain during the dance. The arena was filled with so many good dancers. I managed to write down some of the winners.

    Jr Girls Cloth
    1 Charlsie Cunningham
    2 Tara Goodfox
    3 McKayla Williams

    05-26-2008, 03:09 PM



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