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Battle of the Plains Youth Powwow 2009

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  • Battle of the Plains Youth Powwow 2009

    I am posting results for this youth powwow in Dewey, OK. The contest dancing is for fun only and the winners receive ribbons for participation. It is a challenge between JOM/title VII dancers and Operation Eagle dancers at Bartlesville Schools.
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.

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    I finished posting these results on the database.

    Girls Cloth 5-7 yrs
    1 Kitko Green
    2 Jasmine Cunningham
    3 Jocelyn Robedeaux

    Girls Fancy Shawl 5-7yrs
    1 Mae Joslin
    2 Delila Trager

    Girls Jingle 5-7yrs
    1 Dezzie Sack
    2 Pudge Coon
    3 Madison Boswell

    Boys Straight 5-7 yrs
    1 Acey Kemble

    Boys Traditional 5-7 yrs
    1 Grant Deer

    Boys Fancy 5-7 yrs
    1 Tyler Thurman

    Boys Grass 5-7 yrs
    1 Mando Tinajero
    2 Kobe Jordan
    3 Edgar Higine

    Girls Fancy Shawl 8-10 yrs
    1 Lexi Daughtry
    2 Tomo Green
    3 Tiana Long

    Girls Cloth 8-10 yrs
    1 Eva Harden
    2 Jade Bennett
    3 Alissa Hamilton

    Girls Jingle 8-10 yrs
    1 Taryn Boswell
    2 Dania Otero

    Boys Traditional 8-10 yrs
    1 Jayden Serna-Blakemor

    Boys Fancy 8-10 yrs
    1 Kyle Sine
    2 Daniel Scholfield
    3 Christian Rangell

    Boys Grass 8-10 yrs
    1 Nennahi Frisby
    2 Bryce Garrison
    3 Blake Garrison

    Girls Fancy Shawl 11-13 yrs
    1 Alicia Scholfield
    2 Brennah Wahweotten
    3 Taylor Hill

    Girls Cloth 11-13 yrs
    1 Tara Goodfox
    2 Nawnee Littleaxe
    3 Sylvana Levier

    Girls Jingle 11-13 yrs
    1 Erin Casoose
    2 Cheyenne Talley
    3 Brionna Graham

    Boys Straight 11-13 yrs
    1 John Bighorse
    2 Ryan Goodfox
    3 Anthony Kemble

    Boys Traditional 11-13 yrs
    1 Joe Don Waters Jr.
    2 Terrance Atkins
    3 Rickey Reed

    Boys Fancy 11-13 yrs
    1 Chris Fau
    2 Josh Peebles
    3 Hunter Nold

    Boys Grass 11-13 yrs
    1 Brice McGhee
    2 John (Bo) Ramey
    3 Ty Hill

    Teen Girls Fancy Shawl 14-18 yrs
    1 Josephine Horsechief
    2 Elizabeth Gaona
    3 Andrea Alvarado

    Teen Girls Cloth 14-18 yrs
    1 Lyndee Tofpi
    2 Mallori Shawnee
    3 Robynn Rulo

    Teen Boys Straight 14-18 yrs
    1 James Cornhusker

    Teen Boys Traditional 14-18 yrs
    1 Jared Liston
    2 Isiah Potts
    3 Geoff Tyner

    Teen Boys Fancy 14-18 yrs
    1 Kingston Pipestem
    2 Josh Graham

    Teen Boys Grass 14-18 yrs
    1 Aaron Milligan
    2 Spencer Donnell
    We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.


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      Congratulations to all the winners!!!

      They're all winners!

      Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

      "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

      Mr. Rossie Freeman


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        Congrats to all the who participated.


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          There was over 100 dancers from all directions! I took a group of JOM students from the Osage Nation. Royal Valley School brought down over 60 Potawatomi students from Mayetta, KS. The Poarch Creek Nation brought a charter bus of over 20 students from Atmore, AL. There was also groups from Operation Eagle, Owasso and Shawnee. I'm sorry if I forgot any groups. There was so many dancers. It was really good to see these young people dancing and enjoying themselves.

          Overall Group Contest
          1. Royal Valley
          2. Osage Nation
          3. Owasso
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          We will be known forever by the tracks we leave..Dakota leader.


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            I think there were kids from Pawnee and a couple from Jay, also.


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