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2017 Superbowl of Powwow Singing results

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  • 2017 Superbowl of Powwow Singing results

    I got to witness some fantastic singing this past weekend at the SAN MANUEL POWWOW in California. First place was $20,000! There was $100,000 in drum prizes and a quarter of a million dollars in total prize money. There were 23 drums competing. Here are the drum results:

    Champions - Blackstone

    2- Mandaree
    3- The Boyz
    4- Midnight Express
    5- Iron Hill
    6- Black Lodge
    7- Sharp Shooter
    8- Poundmaker
    9- Southern Style
    10- Cozad
    11- Wooden Face
    12- Indian Hill
    13- Buck Wild
    14- Iron Boy
    15- Mystic River
    16- Southern Boyz
    17- Crazy Spirit
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    I know you that was an awesome pw as I watched some on facebook. Thanks for posting the winners...congrats!!


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      I could find some of same already on youtube.
      Those who know do not write and those who write may not know. Frank W. Louis, No such Agency

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      Living one day at a time,
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      Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.
      (Reinhold Niebuhr, but the origin is debated)


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