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    Is there such thing as Healing Dances. I was thinking of put of a special- Healing dance special- with Grass Dancers and Jingle Dress dancers- with prize money- is having a prize money appropriate- if there is such a thing; how does it work? Does anybody know, please answer me?

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    As much as I enjoy watching the grass and jingle dancers, I have a bit of an issue with competing for money. I suppose you could do this. When my uncle had a grass special for my cousin who was killed in an accident 3years ago; he gave as first prize a riding horse, because my cousin had been a cowboy as well as a grass & hoop dancer. You could give out something more traditional like pendletons, and or beadwork and such; just an idea. Since I'm northern traditional buckskin, I would hope some grass and jingle dancers would throw some suggestions your way, this is a good thread.


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      Healing with dances is done in "Ceremony" and not open to the general public.

      It would not be an Indian thing to do by putting this on public display.

      Anyway, how would you judge it? By how many people were healed by the dancer?

      Please explain.
      Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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        Don't sound good to me to have Jingle Dress Healing Dance Special and a Grass Dance Healing Dance Special. Being a Jingle Dress dancer I feel like its putting the spirituality of the Dress on display for the public - and yet, to pay out money for that. *errrrrr*

        Nah, don't do that.
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          Good thing this topic came up and the traditional ones are telling us what is right and what is wrong. We are treading on territory that shouldn't be on the internet. But, at least up to a point we'll be able to understand what would be the correct thing to do.


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            Let's see. The jingle dress style started as a healing dance. Some Northerners say that the grass dance is tied up with Iktomi (pun intended). It all gets pretty heavy.

            The Poncas have an old healing way of putting down a blanket during a dance and having a sick person dance over it or to have the sick person helped across it. Then, anyone could pick up and have the blanket for themselves. This is hardly done anymore, as it is not well understood. This has nothing to do with a blanket dance for money or for cheering on a dance contestant.

            Other than that, I would leave the healing to the medicine folks.


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              what u might have in mind is not a special per say ... but an "exhibition" of sorts. you could ask a special dancer(s) of your choice to come dance for you .. either during the pow wow or during supperbreak. and give them gifts .. not necessarily money but but items like pendletons, tobacco, gift baskets, etc. and then of course you would have to give tobacco and gifts (either monetary or whatever something like a food basket) to a drum to sing for you and the people/person you have asked to dance. and you might what to consider having a giveaway also .. and Elders to pray for you.

              or u could go speak to a dancer who carries a eagle whistle to blow it for you ... and in turn you would give him gifts (tobacco, etc.) and again something for the drum (who you will have asked in advance).

              this does not have to be announced by the announcer or anything (right in front) ... people do it all the time.

              and by the way .. good to "see" you back here at and hope you are feeling better ...
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                ohhhh nonononono!!* in the words of ducky*
                the healing dances like in terms of jingle are for that purpose and that purpose only to heal ppl thats the reason why we dance...healings arent for to be like competitive powwows they're to remain seperate because healing are actual ceremonies not something that someone can compete to win.


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