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    I was looking through the videos yesterday and came across a scalp dance video. Can anyohe explain this to me? Tribal origin etc....

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    Originally posted by paintedsun22
    I was looking through the videos yesterday and came across a scalp dance video. Can anyohe explain this to me? Tribal origin etc....
    The danger of explaining any dance in depth is the likelyhood of imitation and the mockery such imitation of our dance would be to us who hold it in such high regard.

    Look at the mockery that imitation has make of the Objiwe's Jingle Dress dance.

    I see the same happening to our Gourd Dance.

    The folks who dance the Scalp Dance know why they are dancing. The spectator answer would simply be; to welcome their warriors home, and display the war trophies.
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      so if I wanted any more of an answer I would have to ask an elder and let him/her decide if they wanted to explain?

      also, what tribe did this dance orignate from?


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        The Spokanes and Couer d' Alenes and I believe the Flathead had a scalp dance of their own.
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