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Family Members that DONT pow-wow

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  • Family Members that DONT pow-wow

    I have this one cousin that asked me if I wanted to go down to Cali thisweekend for one of their pow wows. But the thing is the girl dont pow wow at all. So she sits and talks real loud asking questions here and there and I want to tell her cousin shut up already and just watch I will explain latre.

    Does any one else have family like this or am I the only one blessed with such family?
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    try this ..before you get to the pow wow let her know that the loud talking an stuff is not gonna wash this time an that if she has any questions to ask you away from the area you are in . Or explain things to her before hand .
    I have 3 family memebers that I am still trying to teach the pow wow ways to .. all you can do is guide them an if that isnt working then tell them you gotta wash your hair that day...LOL .no easy way around it just tell them they need to watch an learn straight up simple truth ..even if it hurts you are now her teacher like it or not ...LOL ...Good Luck! keep us posted.
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      I think that pretty much my whole Rez doesnt know what a powwow is.

      Me and my bros drum are the only ones who travel to em.

      We show up at a social event here and they just give us a blank stare when we sing our songs. I guess we just blow em away with our heaviness. :p


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        me too...

        no one else in my family powwows, they will come and support me when I'm dancing though, if I am in the area.

        My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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          mine dont either...but they dont ask question they just sit and watch lookin all innocent in the corner. :D
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            I have a sister who is a Jehovah's Witness and she will not let her children dance at Pow-Wow's her explenation is she thinks it's aginst her religion, and I feel so sorry for the kids because they LOVE it. Some times when they are at my house I see my neice admiring my daughters outfits and she will start jingle dancing around the house. And I can tell by her steps she was born to jingle dance. Also, back when they lost their dad and I was keeping them for a while, I would take them with me to do shows at school's and I could tell that it made them so proud to go with me. I would let them help me carry in my stuff and just them being seen carrying in all my stuff made them feel so proud of who they are. I really feel as they get older and are able to express how they feel to their mom things will change for them. I can not wait for that day, it will be a day to remember when they can go with me to Pow-Wow's and learn of them selves.

            Like the old saying goes ( how do know where you are going if you don't know where you've been?)

            If you will pray that their mom's eyes to be opened to what she is depriving them of.


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              I'm one of these who ask lots of questions. I hope I don't embarass my friends when I ask I don't want to burden them. I don't know powwow customs but my kids love going so we go when we can. My kids ask me and my husband things and we don't know either so who do we ask?


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                im the only one who dances at powwows. the older generation goes and watches, the newer ones go to socialize mostly, but since i started dancin they started payin attention to the arena. I mean i understand the social thang cuz hey i did/do it) i dontmind answering their questions -cuz when they learn mor they understand better and enjoy it more. plus since i am a new dancer and dont have any relatives to ask about dancing i ask other dancers for help or just watch- i catch on pretty quick.

                the thing about religion-- hmmm... -- anyways i would have to disagree with ur sister. im a baptist and this is how i view everything. my faith is in God and the Bible, but i respect the beliefs of my ancestors and honor them that way ie. taking care of feathers, and just becomming aware of traditions and beliefs.

                that was a lot


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                  If you don't ask questions, how will you ever learn? I agree, there is a time and place to ask certain questions. But, if the question is not offensive, it shouldn't matter when it is asked. Just my 2


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                    None of my family powwows. I mean, they might go to one if it is in the area or whatever, but they aren't committed. Thatd oesn't mean that they do not know anything about our culture. Powwow is just one aspect.

                    softwind: I literally got goosbumps from your post. I find it atrocious that your sister/sister-in-law keeps our culture from her children. ESPECIALLY cuz it has to do with Christianity. Another reason that this Ojib can't stand the religion As soon as those kids are old enough, they will able to make the choice themselves. Just make sure you are there to support and guide them. I can't imagine not being able to rejoice in the splendor of our teachings.
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                      don't be ashamed...

                      as mentioned... the only way ur gonna learn is if u ask questions. and of course if you sit & look on... then you'll kinda get the drift.

                      i agree w/ is just one aspect in the whole realm of what our culture has to offer... also, some tribes/people just aren't pw people, it's not what they participate in. esp. within the sw tribes, i'm learning that a number of my friends know pw, but don't KNOW pw... it's all a learning experience!
                      i mean, i'm still learning as i go along to and i'm not ashamed to ask questions, esp. from the elders and definitely from other participants. cause i wanna know all that i'm participating in & representing.
                      my fam is very involved in pw's... from the lil' ones to the elders... i was raised @ pw's and many nights my crib was merely a blanket layed out for me snooze with the drum bein'my lullaby..haha... (how poetic)
                      and now there's nothing i enjoy more than dancing and representing... i am incredibly thankful and greatful that i know the dances, dress & songs of my tribe cause i can still represent out there in the circle and onlookers know who/what i'm reppin'

                      what you might wanna do for next time is just buy her a program! you know it always tells fairly accurately what the dances are and origin stories & such, so that'll save you a buncha questions. also... just pay attention to the mc... he's always tellin history too... each pw i've been to has been a learning experience! good luck & enjoy the next!
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                        I'm not the only one in my family that powwows. One of my family members is a whipman for our community powwow and some of my family also dances. Some of my family members are really into our traditional beliefs and some are not. Mostly all of the little ones in our family are dancing in the circle. My granddaughter is the youngest to be in the circle and we will have her joining in ceremony whenever she is ready to be out there on her own. I know I am blessed with my family. :Angel2
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                          I never got into that scene but I'll check it out if my family invites me.
                          Even then I'll check it out for a hour or so then dart.
                          Theres some chrome looking dancers and my lady always finds something to hit me up to buy.
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                            Originally posted by HarleyHunk
                            I never got into that scene but I'll check it out if my family invites me.
                            Even then I'll check it out for a hour or so then dart.
                            Theres some chrome looking dancers and my lady always finds something to hit me up to buy.
                            Uuh-umh...don't you mean to say you "sometimes" check it out if family invites you....(cough-cough)......
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                              Well, myself and three of my sisters pow-wow, but just me and one of my sisters dance anymore.....the other 2 quit dancing.....we were practically raised at powwows LOL....but um, yeah...most of my family go to celebrations to play stick game....they are gamblers!!!! I have tons of cuzzins that powwow.... and I think that it is something else that someone won't let their kids powwow because of their religion....not my place to say ....but those of you that know me.....know that i'm gonna say something.....LOL....I think that being who you are and where your roots are should come before be spirtitually grounded comes way before being reliougiosly righteous!!! but that would be a whole different thread! I say powwow til you can't pow wow no more!!!
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