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Pow Wow Question - Entry Fees

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  • Pow Wow Question - Entry Fees

    Hello Everyone!

    I have danced at pow wows for several years and there has never been an entry fee. This past weekend while at a pow wow, I received a flyer for another pow wow (different location) that is charging a $400 entry fee for each of the dance catagories. I have not see this before. I can't imagine that anyone would have that much to spend right now given the current economic situation in our state of California.

    I would like to hear some feedback about this subject.

    Thank you.

    Velvet Mustang
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    This sounds wicked! Maybe it was a typo - $4.00 instead of $400.00.


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      $400 entry fee

      Hi There!

      The flyer said they are giving away $40,000 in prizes. Then on the back it listed the catagories (the usual ones we find at the pow wows). Then it stated that everyone must preregister a few days in advance with the $400 entry fees included.

      I have been trying to find the flyer online, but can't seem to locate one.

      To me, it just seems overboard with the commercialism and gets away from the true meaning of our pow wows. I found it to be sad, but then thought maybe I am just being dumb. If more pow wows became like this, then our family would no longer be able to participate in them.
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        $40K isn't much to cover all the categories if it include the singing contest and certainly not worth paying $400.00 for. I still think the fee is $4.00. Otherwise it may include lodging and meals while you are there, u think?


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