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  • First Year in Competition

    Hi everyone;

    I have a question for someone. This upcoming summer will be my first year competing in the Women's Jingle Dress category. Do I have to a giveaway, etc.? Can someone tell me what they have done for their first year? Thanks.

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    Yeah, I'll say it's a more respectable way of entering the powwow arena. I've been dancing since I could walk, but when my grandma passed on 12 yrs ago & I had to take a year out for mourning, my fams had a special & giveaway to come back into the circle. Really it's to show that you're thankful to the creator that you're given the opportunity to dance for those who can't and for those who aren't with us anymore. I've always been taught the arena, or powwow circle, is sacred and to treat it with respect. Lots of people I know have giveaways before they go out into the arena for the first time. Giving gifts to those who've influenced you in your life shows the creator your thanks for Him giving you the gift to dance. :) Good luck!;)
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      i would discuss this with ppl within yar own nation cuz i know some nations dont have giveaways...majority do have them though....when my dad passed away i've finally had time to mourn...i put family members before me...but yay ive been preparing for my giveaway to come back into the powwow takes about a year or so to get yar items ready for yar ya know exactly what is proper to give and what isnt.. my first giveaway was on my ma rez in newtown...and im planning on having my second giveaway at the same place cuz some family is there so they wont have to travel..-becca


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        GOOD LUCK ojibwaywmn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        blah blah blah....


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