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  • Gourd Dancing

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    Brett milligan

    Hello paul G, My name is Marland Steeples, and I grew up with Brett millligan who was a gourd dancer. I was sad to learn that his mother( Florian Griggs) had passed a few years back and had fond memories of how kind she was to me- whenever I came to visit> (The Venison Chilli and Fry Bread was the greatest.) I was trying to locate Brett and wondered if someone on here could relay a message for him to get in contact with me. We were old army pals, as well as just great friends. I miss him and wanted to see how he has been over the years. Thank you my email is [email protected]


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      thanks for the post...........


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        I was watching a gourd dance session one day, while dressed in my Northern Trad clothes, and I was invited to dance a song by a person. I took off my bustle and steped forward and took the shaker he handed me and joined beside him. When the song was over we shook hands and I handed him his shaker back...
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        By the name of the thread, I don't mean I have no concept of what Gourd Dancing is. I'm a Traditional dancer and have been for a long time. My father is a Vietnam Vet and has watched me dance since I was a kid. The more powwows we visit, the more he is interested in Gourd Dancing. Someone once told...
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        my father was going to teach me about gourd dancing after my return from Iraq in '08. Unfortunately he died before I was retired from service due to injuries sustained in combat. Now as a veteran I have a strong yearning to learn about gourd dancing and showing respect for veterans. I have most of my...
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