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Prairie Island Pow Wow Attendee

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  • Prairie Island Pow Wow Attendee

    Well I can't remember all the winners but I am going to say that it was a good powwow and there was alot of good, good dancers. It must have been hard for the judges. Although it was a bit hot, it was still good. It's been quite awhile since I've been to powwows but I sure am glad that I am able to go now!

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    Damn it just wasnt a little hot it was melting hot lol. Yeah who won ? I didnt get to stay til the end left early just to see a car accident. btw does any one else ever notice that when a ndn gets in a ( well could be any person of color) accident, most white people wont stop. so when they were driving by and just staring at us, well me my sis an sis inlaw and those other three ndn men. So just to be an azz i started flexing like mr universe. lol well besides that I just was wondering who won? Oh and the least to say damn I see why some of you ladies got a interest in this um one crow tradish dancer lol. wow. Laters all
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