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Rare Breeds Farm Pow Wow England

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  • Rare Breeds Farm Pow Wow England

    hi just thought you would like to know of a small but good pow wow which is held every year in England it is at a working farm called The Rare Breeds Farm in Wiltshire England it is held every july.On the farm are many small herds of Bison & Elk.i took my 3yr old son this year & he loved it(never stop't dancing).i would like to take part in more pow wow events especialy as my son made me so proud,that he keept on going of to dance by himself.His name is Cree & we would both like to find out more of the Cree clothing for future pow wows as well as other traditional things relating to the Cree.many thanks to you all.Carl & Cree Howe.England.

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    I would like to ask if there will be another pow wow at Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, Ca. this year? We have attended in the past, however, the calendar shows no pow wow. It was suggested to me to join Pow to ask about this. Does someone having scheduling information for Bakersfield,...
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    What's your favorite pow wow in your area?
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    Well the 2006 Pow Wow Season is winding down, and I would like to try and use this thread as a way of developing a list of pow wows to hit by state/province, so when you post make sure you tell us what state/province the pow wow you're recommending is in.

    In Ohio I would recommend these...
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    Pow Wows in August 2007?
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    Hi folks,

    since I was lucky anough to attend a Pow Wow near Seattle some years ago, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed, I would like to offer my family to experience a Pow Wow too. We plan to visit the US in August next year, and I am currently planning the details. A Pow Wow in Colorado,...
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    Red Paint Powwow Cancelled
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    (This article offers insight to those interested in powwow organizing)

    Lack of funds shuts down annual Pow Wow - Silver City Sun-News

    Lack of funds shuts down annual Pow Wow
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    POW WOW enthusiast in San Diego
    by marykaypittsbrgher
    Hello everyone,
    I was fortunate to come across this site.
    I got the Pow Wow bug last year.
    I hope to attend as many as my weekends will allow.
    I am in education.

    If anyone is in this area and is aware of Pow Wows other than Sycuan and Barona which I have...
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    I want to share an interesting information for you
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    I'll start out by saying the usual things were good about this powwow: the drums and the dancers. It's them that ultimately make or break a powwow, for the most part. There were some really great specials and the dancers really put up a good competition. The weather was mild, and it was not unbearably...
    09-23-2019, 11:54 PM

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