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  • Iwasil...


    1stRed Bull
    2ndMountain Soul
    3rdWild Rose
    4thBad Nation

    Mens Grass
    1st Randy Paskemin
    2nd Quana Le Rose
    3rd Brandon Cook or something like that...

    Now someone else finish the rest of the winners.. I want to know who they all are...

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    men fancy special
    north vs south

    south won Spike Draper


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      Was there a Northern finalist(s)? If so, who were all the finalists?
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        Warscout got fourth at this powwow....
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          Iwasil southern categories and special winners??????

          does anyone out there have this information?


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            Someone might need to fill in the blanks...

            Women's Fancy-
            1st-Roseanne Green
            2nd-Carol MeltingTallow
            3rd-Dine Jack

            Women's JIngle-
            1st-Henrietta McGurk Scalplock
            2nd-Willow Jack
            3rd-Chepa Gladyse TwoEagles

            Women's So. Cloth & Buckskin-
            1st-Leah McGurk
            2nd-Roberta Smith (I think?)

            Womens N. Tradish
            3rd-Hollie EagleSpeaker

            Men's Contemporary No. Traditional-
            1st-Ardell Scalpblock
            2nd-Merle EagleSpeaker

            Men's Ol School Tradish-
            1st-Terry Fiddler
            2nd-Sheldon Shebala
            3rd-Rudy Shebala

            Men's Southern Staight- The order might be wrong
            2nd-Barry Brown
            3rd-Buck Wallahee

            Teen Boy's Grass-
            1st-Kelsy Haywahay
            2nd-Ryan Standing

            Teen Boy's Fancy-
            1st-Craig Reeder
            2nd-Jaron Tso

            Teen Boy's Tradish-
            1st-Kolby White
            2nd-Dakota McGurk
            3rd-Weston Tso

            Teen Girl's Fancy-
            1st-Crystalena Pacheco
            2nd-Desba White
            3rd-Courtney Golpher

            Teen Girl's JIngle-
            1st-Jovelle Pacheco
            2nd-Rayleen Ike
            3rd-Sissy Golpher


            Men's Spotlight Fancy No. vs. So.-
            1st- Spike Draper So.

            Kathy EagleSpeaker Scabbyrobe Women's Fancy Special-
            1st-Jolynn Begay
            1st consolation winner-Denelle Stanley
            2nd consolation winner-Dine Jack

            Women's So. Cloth & Buckskin Special-
            1st-Leah McGurk

            Aurelia Stacona Womens Plateau Basket hat-
            1st-Armenia Miles
            Dont remember the consolations
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              Women's S. Buck & Cloth
              3. Michelle McGurk

              Women's N. Tradish
              1. Kellie Downwind
              3. Ramona Croft

              Men's N. Contemp
              3. Jessie Rose

              Men's S. Straight
              1. STEVE CAMPOS :D :clap:

              We had a great time and hope to go back!!! Congrats to all the winners...


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                Drum Contest

                1st Place - Red Bull
                2nd Place - Mountain Soul
                3rd Place - Wild Rose
                4th Place - War Scouts

                Contest groups that were there:
                Bad Nation
                Young Grey Horse
                Black Bull Jrs
                Indian Nation
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                  Yeah, hooray for Red Bull. Was Deliah back-up singing?


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                    Congrats to Steve Campos!!! :Thumbs
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                      As would be expected at any large powwow, the drumming and dancing was great. But overall, this powwow cost too much and wasn't worth it, IMHO. $12 to get in. Not allowed to bring in your own pop cooler or food. The "$10,000 split" for all non-contest dancers bragged about on the posters, didn't happen. They each got ten bucks for the weekend. Non-contest drums got $21/ea for the whole weekend, and each singer still had to pay to get in. Parking cost up to $6 per day.

                      Contestants had to attend a Democratic Party rally and hold signs for the photographers ... or lose out on 150 contest points. I also heard that at least two of the prize checks written have bounced, and that Ryan was conveniently "on vacation" when one of the lead singers in question about this tried to call Iwasil. I wonder if Iwasil needs new management in this region. I am apprehensive about supporting their winter powwow at the old heritage school, if they have it. Well, then it doesn't cost to get into that one ..... yet.....
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                        Yeah it was a good Pow-Wow. Lots of good dancers and singers but the money part of was a pure rip-off! :Angry
                        Paying $12 just to get in was a pain in the @$$. Not being able to take in food or drink in the Pow-Wow was another bullsh*t idea too. We came from Montana and we were shocked about all this and especially the parking fees too. So we parked in that hotel parking lot just to avoid the fee paying one. We still had food and drinks but we kept in our ride. We had a Non-Contest Group cause it was just my lil bro and I but we sang with one of the host drums. They Non-Contest Drum Payout was cheap along with the Dance Contest Winners. I heard that everyone got half of they were supposed to get. That $10,000 Non-Contest dancers split was a fakie move right there. Since everyone got $10 and a Shirt. It was good a Pow-Wow but it was really messed whoever was in charge of the money situation. If they have another Iwasil Pow-Wow around Tacoma or Seattle, they better get a completely new committee cause this one was UNRELIABLE for money. I wonder if Ryan Wilson is enjoying his vacation off that "money" that he must have made. LOL.
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                          Wassup Sonny
                          It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                            Hey what's up Randy. Still jammin Slaughter House style. LOL. I can't hear that cd again. Is there any Pow-Wows goin on over that way comin up. Let me know.

                            Peace Bro
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                              yeah man, this weekend the Nomee family is putting a two day pow-wow at the newly expanded Northern Quest Casino, just 10 minutes away from downtown Spokane.
                              It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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