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6th Annual PCC Powwow - Portland, OR

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  • 6th Annual PCC Powwow - Portland, OR

    Portland Community College played host to the 6th Annual PCC Powwow at the Sylvania Campus on January 22, 2005. A lot of attention was paid to the layout of the powwow, handicapped access, parking, vendors, dancers, singers and vendors. The volunteers worked to make this powwow an event to remember. The weather was cooperating as well with no rain, cool but not cold and no wind. The meal between sessions was nutritious and timely.

    As an Northern Traditional dancer, I was impressed with the number of drum groups. After a traditional late start after 1:00, the Grand Entry was sparsely attended but by 4:00, dancers started showing up in larger numbers. Only two dancers were present to represent Men's Double Bustle Fancy Dancing - their performance was outstanding and well received. The exhibition dance by traditional dancers was without a doubt very well represented. I had the pleasure of watching for the first time the "duck and dive." The MC took the time to tell the origins of the dance to the attending crowd.

    The drum groups present did an excellent job. All were on time during roll call - the variety of songs was refreshing.

    This powwow was First Class. Given the excellent support of the college and the volunteers, I will definitely be attending next year.

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