HELLO TO EVERYONE OUT HERE IN INDIAN COUNTRY:I have just got back from a wonderful pow wow located in Salem Oregon.It was saturday the 19 of Febuary and the place was kickin'. They had a great dinner and some great drums,although it was only one day (bummer) it was still fun none the less.One of my brothers showed up from Walla Walla and it was his first time to dance.(I think I created a monster lol)It's all good though he had a great time and was is looking forward to this weekend at WESTERN UNIVERSITY also here in Oregon West of Salem and then we might hit a couple of three dayers,( gotta break him in first hehehe).There was quite a few dancers and a lot of people just hangin' out,the APACHE CLOWN DANCERS showed up and that was a real treat those boys really impressed me.The day was nice and sunny and we didn't get any rain until it was over(around 11:30) then we headed out and had to stop and get some more food(yum).For a one day pow wow I would say it was well worth the funds spent, I'd give it an 7 if they had more dances for the catagories it would get a little better rating.
So if your ever in the neighborhood stop by it's about a mile east off I-5,North of Salem Oregon,exit Chemawa Road and head East Schools on the right.
Well until next time.............